Salt Gypsy was born from a desire to showcase and promote independent surfwear design, handmade, and earth-friendly lifestyle products for discerning waterwomen. We have a passion for sourcing independent and emerging designers, with emphasis placed on product created by other chicks who rip.

Salt Gypsy also celebrates the everyday female surfer getting out there and making things happen. If you, or your mates, are doing some cool projects in your part of the world, we want to talk story with you. Email us here.

Get connected. Going on a surf trip? Keen to meet up with other like-minded wahine? Let us know here and we`ll post a notice.

*Unless otherwise stated, all products and stories on this site are independently reviewed and self-funded. 

IMG_1601 copy Salt Gypsy creator Danny Clayton was once told by her family`s cardiologist, “Don`t ever surf again.” Not letting a congenital heart arrythmia and the fear of sudden death get in the way of living, her path is an eclectic mix of dreams lived: from studying Sculpture at university to teaching English in Japan, working for international surf company, Billabong (NZ), to surf guiding in the Maldives. Now recently relocated to a sweet wee pad in Bali, she lives and breathes a surf lifestyle, loves the fact that Canggu Deli stocks NZ`s own Whittakers Chocolate, and more recently found herself the new owner of a toe-biting ginger kitten called Squeak.

*For more information on Long QT Syndrome, click here.


caitlin miersCaitlin Miers is a 20 year old photographer from the Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia. Currently studying for her BA in Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne, her ultimate dream is to have a career in surf photography, travelling the world taking photos of the ocean and it`s beauty.

I`ve grown up living on the beach and the ocean gives me everything I need. My passion at the moment is to really push the exposure of women`s surfing through my photography, and to keep travelling to some incredible places!!

Check out Caitlin`s tumblr page. 


Gill HutchisonGill Hutchison fell into book editing for 11 years then leapt into digital producing around 2011 and hasn’t looked back. She holds onto her love of words by reading voraciously and blogging enthusiastically – but it’s surfing that makes her heart sing.

I recently bought a lil’ beach shack down at Anglesea and daydream of doing the seachange, buying a panelvan, making friends with the salties on the longboards and heading off to a distant break on holiday every year.

Check out Gill`s blog: Not Without My Do Rag


 Fi Duncan, our Kiwi pilates guru…

I was born on an orchard in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 9 June 1976. Life is cool: I am a new graduate from the Polestar Pilates International Studio training programme. Three years ago I created Wahine on Waves – a surf event encouraging women and girls to get out in the waves, in Gisborne, New Zealand.  I love adventures, going on missions and laughing till my sides ache. My Dad taught me at a young age that there is no such word as “can`t.” He`s cool. If I am not at the beach surfing you will find me up a mountain snowboarding. Peace, love, and go get barrelled. 

susieSusie Gibson is a graphic designer from Gisborne, New Zealand. She is inspired by all things creative and is passionate about ocean conservation, surfing and exploring. After volunteering for a stint as a dive master and boat captain in Mexico, she now resides in Melbourne.

The sea has a magical quality which makes people incredibly happy and healthy. It has the power to inspire, soothe, bring immense joy and foster self-confidence. I would love to see more women in the water – don`t worry about crazy diets and expensive shoes, buy a board or some fins and get amongst it. 

Check out Susie`s portfolio.

223808_10151084487393992_16104444_nLaurie Boudreault is our bilingual French Canadian stylist in the making…

I quit a fashion design job to travel the world backpacking and something I  would never have expected happened to me: the happiness of riding a wave. I`ve been hooked since then as it changed my whole vision of life. That`s why I am now living by the ocean again in this beautiful Canadian surfing mecca that is Tofino. Apart from that, I love to be inspired by a bunch of different stuff and surround myself by inspiring people. I am into photography, designing clothes, blogging, cooking and so on. Little joys: good coffee, a good surf session, laughing with friends and not caring about what other people think 🙂  Live the life you`ve imagined and Dad always taught me: say yes first. And then you can always say no after. 

alezaidAlejandra Zaid, our Guatemalan Pixie…

I was born and raised in Guatemala City in Central America. Went to university in Switzerland where I got a double degree in Hotel Administration and Business Management. Not being used to living in such developed countries pushed me to go back to living in the third world. I moved to work in Indonesia as a surf guide and enjoy the beauty of living day by day doing what I love the most. Being a person driven by art and being able  to be where I am now has given me the opportunity to do art every day all day. From painting to writing to surfing, everyday for me is filled with art. 


  1. wow! this is one cool blog!
    keep it up! 🙂

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  4. g

    aloha ~ loving your blog!

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  6. Hiya

    Would love to purchase some of your leggings to surf in. My friend Claire was on a boat trip with you. She said they were awesome. Can you let me know how to purchase them.



  7. David Yoon

    Your blog is pretty fantastic. I love surfing and your posts are awesome! I followed your blog so that I could get some inspiration. I’ve just bought the CSS custom design. I noticed you’re blog is CSS customized; may I ask about your header is it an image? If it is one, please tell me how did you create such a nice one?

    • Hi David, thankyou for your comment. To create the header, I used Photoshop to make my logo/image. To customise my site I asked questions on the WordPress forums to which a couple of people familiar with CSS replied with coding for me to copy and paste. I would suggest doing this also for help with your site.
      Thanks again and good luck!

  8. Girl power all around! Keep it up!

  9. Nikki Horsman

    What an awesome collection of surfing wahine and gorgeous energy, how cool to have Fi Duncan join the crew Yeeeeeeew!

  10. this is a great blog. thanks.

  11. great blog!
    check out mine!

  12. Wow. Great Blog! You guys are one hell of ocean lovers. I am a hill-person, but now I am thinking of reconsidering that. 🙂


  13. Say hi to Simone and keep rocking the Volt bikinis in Bali! Awesome blog!

  14. This is a beautiful blog!

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