Venus Goes Gidget Q+A - article on Style in the Lineup with Salt Gypsy and the revolution in female surf wear


Excerpt from our recent interview with the girls from Venus Goes Gidget...

VGG: Most gidgets are familiar with the main brands: O`Neill, Roxy, Rip Curl etc. They are the ones that are stocked in your local surf shop too. What`s news there? There is a revolution happening in the female surf industry and with what there is available for women to wear in the lineup. We need and want gear that stays put, is comfortable and looks cool. Mainstream surf brands had not been servicing this need and 2010 saw the launch of several designers-who-surf (Tallow, Muther of All Things, The Seea and Alexandra Cassaniti to name just a few), who all recognised this need for more functional x fashion-forward surf wear. These brands are producting quality gear with their own distinct design aesthetic. It`s awesome that we now have choice on how to present our own style in the lineup without prescribing to the mass, logo-driven, “sexy” surfwear of the past.

What`s the must-have this summer for in the water? If you`re game – high-waisted bottoms with a cropped rashy – we love this look! We are also ridiculously excited about the launch of Australian designers, Lottie Hall x Sky & Staghorn`s new swim/surf collab. Lottie creates killer prints and combined with Skye & Staghorn`s swim aesthetic their pieces are seriously pushing the surfwear design envelope. Our picks are their onepieces. And if you haven`t heard of The Seea from California – you need to get on that too. Designer, Amanda Chinchelli, is revolutionising a wearable vintage surf aesthetic and their gear is killing it.

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