Asian Squat


This position is common to many cultures and countries in the world, however in the west we seem to have trouble getting our body to feel comfortable in the Asian Squat. It does look to some like your taking a poo, but it can actually help that too!

If you can practise this every day for a few minutes you will become more comfortable in this position and reap the numerous benefits.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and allow your body to lower till you are sitting all the way down on your heels, toes pointing out. Keep your heels on the earth. Try and sit here for as long as comfortable, just start with half a minute and then build up to as long as you can handle.

The benefits and tips for the Asian Squat for overall health and SURFING SHRED – TAS – TIC – NESS:

  1. Helps lengthen inner thighs, calf, hamstring and glut muscles.
  2. Rising from the Asian Squat builds control, strength and balance in your legs.
  3. Improves digestion.
  4. Improves bowel function by lengthening colon.
  5. Improves hip and knee range of motion.
  6. Improves lower back flexibility ( sacroiliac joint mobility )
  7. Your kidneys, bladder, small, large intestine and bowel are all massaged while in this position, your diaphragm drops down and your pelvic floor activates while the spine lengthens down.
  8. Make sure your knees are behind the toes and that the knee is in the line with the second toe ( rotating outward, not inward ).
  9. Rise up with control once you have had enough.

Get Squatting team…………

*Fi Duncan is currently in Byron Bay for the antipodean summer – if you would like private pilates surf-shred-tas-tic-ness lessons, contact her here. 

Fi is also guiding the Mint Chicks Niseko 2014 trip and is the organiser of Wahine on Waves events in Gisborne, NZ. Get involved!


Polestar Pilates International Studio & Mat Instructor
Certificate in Exercise Physiology
Surf Coach Level 1
Snowboard Instructor Level 3 USA
X Sponsored Snowboarder
*Photography by Brennan Thomas

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