Greek female surfer Effie Vrakas on Salt Gypsy

If there is one quality in life we most admire and continue to cultivate, it is tenacity. Having the balls to pursue what you love and not give up. Today we talk story with tenacious Greek surfer, Effie Vrakas. In her own words….

My name is Effie Vrakas. I`m half Greek, half French and I currently live in Greece.

I have been in love with surfing since I was 15 years old – though Greece is located in the Mediterranean where there are not many waves.

Whenever I want to go surfing, I have to travel more than three hours by car or take a ferry to an island where I often camp on the beach while I wait for waves.

Perhaps because going surfing involves so much planning, travelling, and long hours out of the water, for me, surfing is truly a special treat. One that I certainly don`t take for granted.

Greek female surfer, Effie Vrakas featured on Salt Gypsy

I try to travel abroad to surf as much as possible, so as to experience what it`s like to surf in the ocean. So far I`ve been to France, Maldives, California, Indonesia, and the Phillipines, where I had the honour of being the first Greek surfer to compete in an international surfing championship. I`m also very happy to be the Roxy and Sanuk ambassador to Greece.

I have as well managed to combine my love of surfing with my job as a model. The best days at work are when I get to be photographed with my board.

If I have learned anything since I started surfing, it`s that if you really put your mind to something, you can achieve anything!

Greek female surfer, Effie Vrakas featured on Salt Gypsy

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