Stacey backhand in her surf leggings in the Maldives female surfer

Happy Thursday Salties!

How sick is this shot of our mate Stacey from Australia on our Maldives boat trip a couple of months ago?? Nothing like surfing with chargers to motivate you in the lineup and yip, you might notice she`s wearing some of our surf leggings…2 days of sunburn will change any surf-leggings-sceptic`s mind!

On that note, we`re about to shoot off to check out Bali`s east side for waves this morning but before we do we just wanted to let you know….

Salt Gypsy BESPOKE SURF PACKS are a go-go woopwoop!

Sign up to our VIP list to receive your value code for your very own customisable surfwear + special item of radness:

Then head on over to our surf boutique to get cracking on creating your own style for the lineup.

Our packs are especially awesome if you`re gearing up for summer Down Under or heading off to the tropics this winter for our Northern Salties…so pretty much they`re epic for most of us 🙂


Lauren Peterson (USA)

I received more compliments on the leggings I bought from you….they are so comfy, perfect for surfing and doing stand up paddle yoga. Stylish, comfortable, practical, and stay on!!!! Two thumbs up!!! Love them. Thank you so much for making such an amazing product for water women.

Check out Lauren`s SUP Community here. 

One comment

  1. Diana Piekusis

    Hi Salt Gypsy

    Where do I find the code for the surf pack? I’m on the mailing list.


    Sent from my iPhone

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