Fancy yourself bit of a snowbunny as well as a Salty beach babe?

Nihon ni ikitai??*

Our Pilates Guru / Professional Salt Gypsy / Wahine on Waves creator, Fi Duncan, is leading the inaugral Mint Chicks Niseko Tour in February 2014.

Only $1,899 say whaaaat?!

Having lived in Japan for two and half years, I managed a couple of weeks over Christmas and New Years up in `ol Niseko. Now I`m not much of a cold-winter-snow person but jeez it`s shithotfun up there. Riding powder for the first time felt like surfing airwaves it was THAT EPIC!

Throw in delicious Japanese food, hot sake and getting naked with your new mates at an outdoor onsen and you will be in for a treat.

Niseko daisuki! Honto ni iku yo!**
Mint Chicks Niseko 2014 trip for female snowboarders with Fi Duncan

For more information, visit the Mint Tours website here. 

*Want to go to Japan?

**I love Niseko! You really should go!!!!

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