NEW Salt Gypsy women`s capsleeve rashguards


It`s official team…we have our new capsleeve rashguards ready to rock n roll for you this summer (or tropical escape if you`re heading into winter in the Northern Hemi).

Welcome to our newest addition: the Canggu Sunset Rashguard.

Inspired by just that – a grey-cloud-neon-orange sunset session in Canggu, Bali. And our friend, Bella, who happens to have a hard on for capsleeves.

Available in 4 colour ways:

Navy // Plum // Charcoal // All Black


Contrast textured lycra on sleeve (exl. All Black)

Raw edges on sleeve

Minimal branding

Extra long torso

Standard Nylon Lycra blends


*We don`t have what you like? We offer a bespoke service so hit us up with you preferred style:

The Surftest….

IMG_1827 copy IMG_1802 copy IMG_1763 copy IMG_1741 copy IMG_1731 copy NEW Salt Gypsy women`s capsleeve rashguard

Shots taken in Canggu, Bali by Jade Rogers (aka. The Boyf). 

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