Shesurfs Do It In A Dress fundraiser Sydney

Did you know…

A girl born in Sierra Leone is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to attend high school. 

That sucks!

So if you aren`t at the Byron Bay Surf Festival this weekend and happen to be floating around Sydney-town, you might want to head over to Freshwater Beach at midday tomorrow, Sunday 27th October, to join the Shesurfs crew and their Do It In A Dress fundraiser surf as part of the One Girl Initiative.

Do It In A Dress is a platform for community groups, schools, workplaces – anyone, to organise a local event with the goal of raising funds for female-focused projects in Sierra Leone.

As Mikala says, “We are raising money for girls in Sierra Leone in West Africa so they can go to school. We were part of this cause last year and went surfing in dresses at Manly Beach which was lots of fun and raised $6000. Enough to change a few girls lives! We are meeting at Freshwater Beach at 12pm near Pilu Cafe, at the south end of Freshwater. We would love it if you could come down and join us in the fun of surfing in a dress followed by a picnic lunch on the grass afterwards. Bring a packed lunch or grab something from the 2 cafes at Freshwater. Bring your family and friends along, a picnic blanket and your dresses!”

Last year, the Shesurfs crew raised $6000 AUD from one day of surfing. We think that`s pretty cool. And this year, you can help out too. Click here for more info and to donate. 

Photography by Mikala Wilbow, one half of the Shesurfs duo. 

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