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Recently, I was approached by local jewellery talent, Sarah Hood, to collab on her new Summer Collection ‘Dreamweaver’ which features beautiful bohemian crystals and earthy colours. I thought it’d be a fantastic opportunity to try my hand at some fashion photography, and get some experience editing to a deadline.

We had our gorgeous friend and model, Claire Warren-Gleeson, in front of the lens and our location was down at Shoreham beach. We knew roughly where we wanted the shoot, but we did a little exploring before hand and found this beautiful majestic looking forest, perfect for the shoot.

I also filmed a short video to help launch the ‘Dreamweaver’ collection and I was super excited to get back to the studio and start the edit. I took a different approach in editing the shots and kept it nice and simple. The colours of the location complimented the jewellery magnificently.

Here are some images from the shoot, would love to hear your thoughts by emailing!

Much more to come from Arrow Divine x Cait Miers Photography 🙂

Cait Miers

Instagram: @caitmiersphotography 


  1. Love it, Danny. Keep it up!

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