Summer is starting to creep its way into the weather forecasts down here at the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, and so it means I now roll out of bed around dawn, grab whatever clothes are laying on the floor nearby, and jump into the car to do the surf check. So awesome not to be layering on the woollens!  

But after having a lovely early morning flirt in the carpark on the weekend before jumping in the water, I caught my reflection in the car window and my outfit made me nearly burst out laughing. A crumpled Hawaiian shirt, bed hair and dirty jeans does not a flirting outfit make. Yes, yes, of course it is all about the surf … but you just never know who may meet in the carpark. 

Enter, First Base. An independent Australian label that I have become obsessed with – perfect surf check/apres surf/yoga gear with a sexy edge. I plan to be wearing a lot of it this summer. 

I recently interviewed, Alison, the creator and designer of First Base. She’s great!

(Interview by Gill –


 What was the motivation for starting This is First Base? 
I’ve been working in fashion for almost 10 years and I just really wanted to get back to basics. Really go back to the beginning and strip away all the unnecessary stuff and really focus on what is simple, true and authentic to me.
First Base makes grey marle super sexy – and not in a creepy American Apparel kind of way. What kinda of lady is a First Base babe?  
I love a bit of grey marle! The First Base girl is just someone who is a chilled outdoorsy kinda babe who likes to kick around in her fave white tee and ripped denim.
When I saw First Base I immediately thought it was perfect for apres surfwear. Do any of the team surf?
Yeah we do. My amazing assistant and myself are boardriders although she could out ride me any day of the year! Sad but true. We also love to skate and we try to get together every week or so for a pre-work skate session around the Bondi Pavillion. The mums with prams love us. Not. 
What’s next for First Base? 
Lot`s on the horizon … we are already taking the brand to the international market and you’ll find us popping up in the USA, New Zealand and soon throughout Asia.
A surf question. What beach would you take us to and where would we go to have a beer (or a smoothie!) and a bite? 
Obviously we would take you to Bondi Beach! It’s home and one of the best places in the world to score a wave or work on your tan. Then I’d probably want to take you up to the Icebergs cafe by the pool just because it’s the most amazing view overlooking all of Bondi. It’s a pretty special place to kick back and have a chai!
What’s your favourite piece in the collection? (I’m loving the T-bar sports dress and the trackwear… oh, and the tanks… actually, let’s just say all of it!) 
Love our Gym Shorts. They are a bit of a winner. I also can’t go past the Classic Mens Shirt. A simple way to look put together and like you have put in effort when really all you’ve done is roll out of bed and thrown on a shirt. 
Finally, what gets you out of bed every morning and makes you go “Hell, yeah! Life is rad!!”? 
Living and working in Bondi makes it pretty easy to do that. The studio is literally 5 minutes from my place and we are directly opposite the beach … life is pretty good.

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