Rachel Bobis of Surf Chic Designs

Surf Chic Designs is an interior decor company. Focusing on interior design, throw pillows and accessory bags, owner and designer, Rachel Bobis draws inspiration from her daily life by the ocean in Long Beach, New York. Her unique photo print bags and pillows are all handmade and made-to-order. In Rachel`s own words….

My hope is that my customers love my products as much as I love creating them and that by having them in their homes, they feel a little closer to the ocean.

My major inspiration to start Surf Chic Designs actually came from my friends who run a fundraiser every year for Mustaches for Kids. I saw some mustache print fabric and wanted to make a pillow for my friends to support their efforts. I posted a photo of it on Facebook and the next thing I know I`m taking orders, expanding fabric selections and products, and doing interior design.

Surf Chic Designs cushions in Long Beach, New York

I have always had a passion for design. I used to play around with sewing when I was younger and was really into photography and collages. Every time I made something my design and inspiration seemed to come from the ocean, beach, surf culture and lifestyle. Currently I make everything myself. I work with several local surf photographers and have their photos printed on fabric which I then make into pillows. I also print some of my own photography and designs myself.


I began surfing in Central Florida when I was 17 years old. I loved to Long Island, New York, at age 20 and have been surfing here in New York as well as travelling the world. Locally, I usually stay in Long Beach to surf. The winters get cold and require a 6mm hooded wetsuit with boots and gloves, but sometimes the waves are so great in the winter. We get some great waves here, just not frequently. Surfing has taken me to some amazing places (Bali, Sumatra, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, California, Panama, Australia) and has been the primary inspiration for much of my design. The ocean has taught me the greatest lessons of my life and I know it will continue to teach and inspire.

I hope in the future to see my products online and in many surf shops in the US as well as to have more interior design jobs (I would really love to do surf shops and boutiques).

*To check out more of Rachel`s product line, click here and here. 


  1. Fran

    following you all the way from Africa’s southern tip 😉 May Surf Chic Designs continue to grow, beautify & inspire!! Thanks for sharing!

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