Yoga Trade is officially open for rock ‘n’ roll ladies and gentlemen. What the yogi is it all about you ask? Founder and fellow salt gypsy, Erica Hartnick, gives us the d-low…

Yoga Trade in action

I thought of the idea of Yoga Trade while travelling in Bali. I have been a travelling yoga teacher at surf resorts for the past few years so the idea just came naturally. I would normally just seek out places to teach on my own but noticed there was a need for a ‘yoga job’ website.I also love the idea of people volunteering and work trading around the globe as a way to make it financially possible to travel. I find you can have incredible experiences when you engage in work exchange! And to me, yoga is all about the experience. I then collaborated with my friends, Pat and Christie, who manage the Yoga Farm in Costa Rica, and we decided to make the site happen!

What is the concept of Yoga Trade and who is it for? Yoga Trade is a new and empowering online network for all yogis! The Yoga Trade community connects yoga instructors, yoga students, and organisations that offer yoga around the world. Post and explore jobs, work exchange gigs, travel opportunities. Plan, promote and manage events. Build a following and stay connected wherever your path takes you next.

Yoga Trade

Why should we use Yoga Trade? Anyone interested in yoga will love this site. Yoga Trade provides infinite possibilities to connect! Do you have a yoga studio and want to offer a work exchange studio cleaning position in exchange for classes? Are you looking to land a yoga teaching job in New York City? Are you an owner of a resort hotel in Costa Rica looking for yoga instructors to come teach for the busy season? Or maybe you are a newly certified yoga instructor looking for ways to affordably travel and gain experience worldwide with your teaching. Yoga Trade can help you connect and inspire you to follow your dreams.

How can we connect? Create a free profile and start posting and exploring Yoga Trade opportunities at You can also follow us on Facebook or email me directly at:


  1. SO AWESOME! I am signing up right now! I am currently teaching yoga down in Rincon, Puerto Rico and surfing as much as possible. What an amazing idea and great opportunity for yogis all over the world to connect! Kudos!

  2. Reblogged this on Sunburnt & Salty and commented:
    So insanely amazing. To all you other traveling yogis out there, check this out!

  3. wow this looks incredible !!! amazing amazing amazing 🙂 Thanks as always to Salt Gypsy for pinging the goodness my way !!

  4. My heart is racing at this post! Signing up immediately 🙂 genius idea!!

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