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Ok, so you go on a trip overseas, you take a billion photos, Instagram a few on the way, and leave the full editing till you get back. A few days post flight home, you’re ready to get stuck into it and see what you captured. The impatience builds inside you when you’re editing and suddenly you feel like you’ll explode if people don’t see your shots within the next half an hour. So the rushed editing begins. Resizing so they can all be Facebook ready, thinking of one off captions to play title to your images. This is what happens with me. I am a victim of this process. It’s all well and good until you’ve edited shots so quickly (like we’re talking within half a day, the entire trips been contrast adjusted and slightly desaturated), that all you’re interested in now is what everyone will think of them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, there is hardly any time for reflection. You become too caught up in the effect your shots will have on anyone else, you can’t even appreciate them for what they are. It’s 3 months down the track and you’ve gotten over it like a breakup. I mean, you’re always looking forward to the next trip that there’s no room to even think about heading back. So today I did exactly that. I went back. I’ve spent the latter half of the day trying to dig up new content from the archive files of this years trip to the Maldives and Sri Lanka. I’ve found images I didn’t even know existed, and I’ve been able to reflect on the trip in a whole new light. Instead of lowering vibrance and sharpening pixels, I didn’t touch the shots. Instead, I tried to take myself back to that time and place. I appreciated different things in the photo and realised what a bloody good time I had!

Now I know that me posting photos alongside this defeats my entire purpose of the blog, as I’m projecting them to the public, but I hope you can see them in a different light. I’m just reflecting and trying to soak up every last ray of sunshine that Sri Lankin sun gave me. I’d encourage you to do the same with your shots. Go back and check out those photos from trips you took last year and beyond. Take some time to reflect on how the trip effected you, what you gained from it, and how you’ve grown from it. You are guaranteed to find something you hadn’t seen before.

Cait Miers

Instagram: @caits92 @caitmiersphotography


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