We recently had the chance to yak with Troy Roennfeldt, the brains behind new surf industry job board, Surf Careers. If you`re looking for work, let this be your first port of call….

Troy at Surf Careers - surf in Bali

What`s the concept behind Surf Careers and how can we utilise it? Surfers are generally a pretty passionate bunch, and many are stuck in jobs that they would rather not be in. I feel that if you can combine your passion with your career then you will be more satisfied with life in general. SurfCareers provides a place for matching passionate surfers with jobs within the surf industry. Job seekers can register on the site, set up resume alerts to be notified of jobs as they become available, post their resume online and employers can browse through the resume database and post jobs.

Troy at Surf - surf in Victoria, Australia

What advice do you have for job seekers looking to ‘live the dream’ and get a foot in the surf industry door? Job seekers need to be professional, I think the surf industry is growing up a lot and needs skilled professionals. When applying for jobs it is very important to come across as passionate and professional. A resume with poor grammar, spelling mistakes, all lowercase or all uppercase doesn`t look professional. Obviously not all surf industry jobs require good grammar, but if you are particular about this in your application then that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Everyone`s definition of a dream job is slightly different, though a job on a surf charter boat in the Maldives sounds pretty good! The best way to find your own dream job I think is to combine your passion with what you are good at. For some, that is accounting, others it might be software development, and for others it might be teaching.

You get to interview a lot of players in the surf industry, fun! Is there a common thread? The common thread is job satisfaction. We recently did an interview with Mark Kelly from Global Surf Industries and he put it really well, he likened it to finding a life partner.

He said, “When you`re dating different people and none of them are working, it can seem like pretty hard work. But when you find the one where it`s a joy to be around them and to be with them, it all seems worth it.”

Each of the people we have interviewed have found a way of working with their passion, it`s not always the most lucrative path – but money isn`t everything.

Troy at Surf Careers.comYour top 10 essential surf travel items:

On my own I tend to travel pretty light, so struggle to get 10 items 🙂 However, with 2 little ones, now that list should probably include things like nappies…







Surfboards – though I have a couple stashed away in Bali, so when going there I don`t have to worry about carting them about.

A good book (I still like reading a paperback, not on the iPad)

Spare leg rope

A few first aid essentials (for when you inevitably hit the reef)

*Click here to read Salt Gypsy founder, Danielle Clayton`s, recent interview with Troy.

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