Robin Kietzman

Talking story with Robin Kietzman about life as a fellow salt gypsy…

Hey Robin, you`re currently drifting around the…Mediterranean ocean on a boat. Unfortunately no waves here but I work for 6 months and I surf for 6 months. It`s a good balance.

Radness, tell us more about boat life! Boats have been a big part of my life for the last 7 years. My first time ever was onboard a sailboat in Mozambique that was intended to be a 2 week long surf trip with friends which turned into an incredible life changing experience. I quit my job, packed a bag and have never looked back. I guess I completely fell in love with the simple lifestyle, with having the ocean as my backyard and my playground. Every morning`s fresh breeze bringing the scent of adventure…I love to spend my days exploring the ocean. Swimming, diving, discovering shipwrecks, catching and eating fresh fish. Everyone has their own special way in which they can relate to their connection with the ocean, more than anything though, mine is surfing. Personally, words cannot describe the euphoria that surfing provides. The absolutely magical and romantic feeling of riding a wave, going up and down on the surface of the water and feeling just an unlimited power under your feet, to be in harmony with the ocean. It`s just the most beautiful, pure, organic thing I think a human can do.

Where are you originally from and what are the waves like there? I`m from Cape St. Francis in South Africa. Any waves?? It`s next to Jeffrey`s Bay which is where you can find THE world class wave, Supertubes. When it`s on it`s pretty much a perfect righthand point break which doesn`t break often but when it does oh my…barrels for days. My favourite wave though, which is a bit more chilled and fun, is Seal Point. Uncrowded out of the season, there are days when I`m one of maybe 5 people out there, who are all locals and it`s perfect. It`s crazy really, I sit there sometimes and think, ‘I can`t believe how lucky we are to have it all to ourselves.’


Have any more adventures lined up for this year? The Maldives is definitely on my go to list, Morocco, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Fiji, it`s endless. I could write a thousand more! Things are looking good for Maldives this year and Mozambique when I`m back in South Africa. That place has my heart.

Words you live by…

There are no impossible dreams, just a limited perception of what is possible.

Own only what you can carry with you, know language, know countries and know people…let memories be your travel bag.

I am so lucky to be able to travel the world and see different kinds of places, people and the way they live. I love travelling where I can actually tune into the realism of the place. It breaks me right down to my roots and makes me think about what is really important in life.

robin 1

Top 10 essential surf travel items:

2 x boards and wax





Salt Gypsy surf leggings

GoPro camera

Extra leashes

iPhone (wind guru)

First Aid Kit

feature 3Favourite surf spot:

Tofinio // Mozambique

Jelly Babies // Madagascar

Vic Bay and Seal Point // South Africa

Florianopolis // Brazil

Shoutouts to anyone? Just to my best friend, soul sister, surfing partner: Jade. She is one of a kind, she completes me and I love her more than surfing.


  1. Ahhhh radness! Thanks for this Danny and Robin. What sort of work do you do on the boats?

  2. Jade Dace

    Beautiful soul Robin and my bestest …your light shines through in this article! Can’t wait to be in the car park at seals with you again motivating one another to hit the surf and face life’s challenges with a laugh and a smile!

  3. Hey Hannah, I’m the chef and stewardess onboard this 23m boat. We are in Corsica at the moment, it’s beautiful here!


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