#1 Standing, touch your palms together and reach your hands up as high as you can – whilst maintaining your standing posture. Reach as tall as you can, not arching your back. Keep both feet firmly planted in the ground, and see how high you can reach! Remember to keep breathing deeply with a full inhalation in your nose and a full exhalation out your mouth.

Benefits for Surfing: Stretching and lengthening your whole body. The muscles around your torso, your arms, triceps and abdominals. Decompressing all your joints and spine.


#2 with the same reaches as #1 keep breathing and lengthen your body up and over to the right side, stay here for three big breaths into your lungs then repeat to the other side. Imagine you are standing between two walls, not allowing yourself to reach forward or back – just straight sideways yo!

Benefits for Surfing: Stretching and lengthening the side of your body. Great to stretch out the muscles under your arm pits (lattimus dorsi) used for surfing, stretching and balancing both sides of your body.

Plank Position #3

#3 Plank position

From the roll down walk out till your body is loooooong and straight like a plank, it’s very important to keep your abdominals engaged and to not allow your spine to sag, keep your hips in line with your shoulders, knees and ankles. Maintain your breathing and stay here for as long as you can control the position without loosing this position. Your body will warm quickly.

Benefit for Surfing: Increasing core control and shoulder strength.

Plank with leg raise

#4 Plank Position with Leg Raise

To challenge yourself keep your abdominals engaged and lift one leg without disrupting your position, this requires strong abdominals and shoulders. Keep drawing your shoulder blades down towards your butt.

Plank with leg raise, opposite leg

#5 Plank position with opposite leg raise

Do the same with the opposite leg, take note of any imbalances in your body; it is common to have one side stronger than the other. Keep strong through your whole body.

Benefits for Surfing: Increased Challenge, Core control, breathing abdominals and shoulder strength.

Standing balance

#6 Standing balance

From the standing posture, stand strong on your right leg, engage your right butt muscle.  Slowly begin to lean your chest towards the ground infront of your right toes, at the same time let your left leg raise up behind you. Keep centred and balanced. Focus your eyes on a point out infront – this will helps you balance. If your doing this exercise correctly you will feel a good stretch at the top of your right leg. Hold this position for as long as you can, do the same on both sides.

Benefits for Surfing: Challenge e your balance and increase single leg strength.

Standing leg raise with knee bent

#7  Standing balance with knee bend

With the same position as above, begin to bend your knee to lower your body to the sand, then push back up to standing the balance position.

Benefits for Surfing: Increased challenge and single leg strength. Core Control, balance and total body control.


Polestar Pilates International Studio & Mat Instructor
Certificate in Exercise Physiology
Surf Coach Level 1
Snowboard Instructor Level 3 USA
X Sponsored Snowboarder
*Photography by Brennan Thomas

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