Bali and surfwear go together like sunsets and cocktails. So when SeaLove Swimwear appeared on our computer screen, we were curious to hear the story of how Indah Huberman and Ashley Chase came to produce their own line…

ourstory_photoHey ladies, what`s the story behind SeaLove and how it came into fruition? Ashley: Indah and I were both living and working (designing and manufacturing) in Bali when we met. We shared friends, surf spots, ideas, insights…we made a great team off the bat. SeaLove itself is the love child of our two previous businesses: Indah`s Laksmi Bali – a luxury resortwear line, and my own swim line – Ulu Swimwear.

How does collaborating work for you two? Do you share in the design process? Ashley: Yes! We both design. We`ve been lucky so far in that we have extremely similiar taste and style. We also hold a lot of value in each other`s opinions, so that each individual piece may actually be a collaboration.

What neoprene do you use in your suits? Indah: We use Ultra Span Neoprene which is super soft and flexible.

Style us out – what are your picks for the lineup? Ashley: I`ve been living in our reversible and seamless Java-Sumba set. Our Java top is super supportive, it gives the girls some extra oomph and it keeps things in place when you`re out on the water. It also has our tie-free halter strap which means there`s no bulky strings to deal with. And our Sumba bottoms are seamless – super comfortable – and absolutely sexy with their cheeky cut. Also, our Ruggles 2mm neoprene surf suit.

sealoveswimwear javasumba oceanblue


What is your favourite surf spot? Indah: I have always loved Racetrack in Uluwatu, especially when it`s just overhead with small barrels and long rides but fast. That`s my spot. Our Bali home is only 100m away from Uluwatu breaks with perfect lefts, I got spoiled to travel further. Now that we are spending more time in East Coast, USA, our surf destinations are Ruggles, Rhode Island, Rincon, PR and Costa Rica.

Top 10 essential surf travel items:


Surf Yogis sunblock. I love it because it`s 100% natural and it smells great. You could probably eat it.

Gopro camera with a water housing.

SeaLove Java and Sumba reversible suits.

SeaLove Cannes dress

SeaLove Ruggles neoprene wetsuit

My favourite and versatile sarongs

A hammock

Sushi grade knives (my husband, Jon, is an avid spear fisherman and makes ultimate sushi feasts)

Last but not least…my family. We are a surfing family; my husband and 14 yr old stepson are avid surfers (my daughter and I are a couple of beach bums and sun snails)

*Interested in purchasing a piece of SeaLove for yourself? Check out their website here for a list of stockists in your area. 

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