Cox Bay

My name is Laurie. I am from the French part of Canada. After travelling around the world for a year and because there is no surf except the river surf in Montreal, I decided to move to Tofino for the summer because I was going nuts being away from the ocean.

Tofino is pretty much the surfing mecca of Canada. Located on the West Coast, the waves can be really good and the town is lovely.

I have to say I am pretty impressed with people committed to surfing here. Surfing with booties pretty much all year around (and gloves for me because I am always cold haha), you gotta want to get out there. You’re not just grabbing your board and some suncreen. You gotta drive or bike to the peak, get all the gear on, maybe the hood as well, get ready to be cold a bit while changing and« hope » for rain because that means offshore wind – most of the time.

But you know what, I’ve heard half of the surfing community are girls and I’d say it’s not far from it. It did happen to me that some girls I didn’t know were cheering for me or just seeing a bunch of girl friends having fun on the waves and let the silliness happening in the water. Oh ! And the local pros are often surfing not too far from you which is pretty inspiring.

Tofino is wicked. If you come to the west, hit the end of the road for some surfing. Amazing sunset sessions which never end in summer, laidback ambience, trees touching the sky, view overlooking mountains, many beach options guaranteed depending of the swell and the wind and healthy lifestyle community that is really thight knitted.  And for sure, after your surf, there is probably a yoga session happening somewhere in town!


Beginning of summer, small swell and still cold water


Beach car park

Beach car park with giant trees

Gear up!

Canadian surf, gear up!


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  1. Nice photos, would never of thought of good waves in Canada but the lines in that first shot look epic!

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