emilie seris

Longtime supporter and avid reader of Salt Gypsy, Emilie Seris is the kind of chica we`d love to meet up with in the lineup. About to gypsy-off on more surf adventures around France, New York, LA and Mexico (can we come??), here`s just a snippet of her story….

I am French, from the South of France, Toulouse, which is a bit inland from the surf. I was very keen and independent from a relatively young age, taking the train on my own at 16 years old so I could go to the beach. My parents have always left me very free. I came to Australia 12 years ago as part of my studies and to surf of course. I wanted to find somewhere where I could combine a good career and surfing. Being good at science, I ended up an engineer and Sydney allows me to do that and surf a lot. 

This year has been bit of a turn around in the bigger surf. I got lucky in France and Morocco in January and got a bit of swell in Bali too. I have had back problems the last few years and have finally discovered core strength. It makes a huge difference and I am loving it!

I have met a lot of friends through surfing, especially in the last 6-7 years. There are more and more girls who are super keen and charge. I love the camaraderie and how we push each other. Women`s surfing has changed a lot and more of the girls are just going for it and really network to support each other. Blogs like yours are truly encouraging women to get out there. It is fantastic!

We think you`re pretty fantastic too Emilie. Cheers for the good vibes and rad to see you out at Ulus on your backhand!

341413_10150435460950870_697423223_o 998711_491319154281651_934539383_n Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 4.47.34 PM

Photographs provided by Emilie and credits to the following: 

Top sequence: Uluwatu surf photographer

Top shot (in floral Alope wetsuit): Steve WIlliams

Middle shot: Kevin Back and Kim from Girl Surf Network Australia

Bottom shot: Uluwatu surf photographer

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