Saltybuds handmade board coversWhere are you from and what are the waves like? Originally I`m from Germany but I`m always travelling around Europe (France, UK, Spain, Iceland, Portugal…) and Latin America. With my parents and younger sister I used to move from place to place, from the city to the countryside and back…when someone asks me where I come from I always have to think about it before I answer. Sometimes it`s difficult to say, but normally my answer is that I`m from the north of Germany where the sea isn`t far away.

After my teacher studies, my boyfriend and I bought a golden Mercedes van in 2011 and we went to France, London and the Basque Country, always trying to live and work by the sea. After one and a half years living and travelling together in this tiny golden box I felt the need of having my own space, my little nest or harbour. I wanted to live by the sea again, didn`t want to miss the wonderful mornings and evenings on the beach, the sounds of the sea, the salty wind on my skin and I decided to go to Cornwall a few months ago, now living in Perranporth (near Newquay). Here I`m surrounded by great beaches like Watergate Bay, Lusty Glaze, Hayle or Perranporth itself and I really appreciate living here everyday!

Can you tell us more about the concept behind Salty BudsAfter five years of studying Spanish and PE in Germany, using more my brain than my hands, I wanted to create something with them, wanted to be more creative again, wanted to feel the happiness and satisfaction while making things. Inspired by plenty of my journeys, surf culture, artists, different-minded people, the idea was born to make robust, practical boardbags that protect surfboards from direct solar radiation, sand, dirt, little scratches and which you can use on the beach or anywhere else. In addition to this, I am making little water-resistant internal wax-coated bags that are closable with a vintage button for surf wax and sweet cotton duffle bags for daily life.

In reference to the board bags, I try to use strong, simply or colourful vintage fabrics from secondhand shops, vintage fairs, private persons nearby and old curtains converted to something new. If wished, I decorate some parts of the bags with other features. To protect the nose of the surfboard I join some layers of tough fabrics by sewing them together. To fasten the bag I use marine cords of different colours from a nice shop at Bristol harbour.

How can we place an order for a tasty new board cover? I like it simple: interested people can contact me via email:, and we can arrange something individual according to the length/width and different fabrics of the board bag.

What`s the female surf community like in your neck of the woods? Due to the fact that I`m quite new in Cornwall, I don`t know a lot of female surfers yet but I find it always very inspiring to be in the water with other women of all ages and I`m glad to realise that the number of surfing females is increasing continuously.

If we came to visit, where would you take us for the best fish n chips in town? And a pint or 3?? Mmmm being honest..I am vegetarian and don`t eat fish so maybe I`m not the best person to ask for fish n chips. But there is a nice vegan restaurant/shop in Truro called Archy Brown where you can enjoy tasty food! In addition to this I would recommend the delicious vegan cakes of The Beached Lamb Cafe and Cafe Irie`s great falafel burger, both based in Newquay.

Usually I buy my beer or cider in the supermarket and drive to the places I like: Crantock Beach, Hollywell Bay, St. Agnes Beach, The Minnack Theatre near Sennen, the trampoline in my garden, the beautiful, breathtaking coastal path…and many more places!

Your top 10 essential surf travel items: Mmmm don`t need a lot of stuff…but ok, let me have a think about it:

good book


my Italian espresso maker

my camera, although I always try to take pictures with my mind

fresh fruits and juice

if needed, my wetsuit


That`s it.

Favourite surf spot: 

La Salvaje (Basque Country)

Druidstone (Wales/UK)

Fresh Water West (Wales/UK)

Tregualemu (Chile)

IMG_7202Sarah Wossidlo is the creator and handmaker of Salty Buds board bags. Email her for your custom bag:


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