Salt Gypsy HQ hosting surf survival course

Here at Salt Gypsy HQ, three gypsies and a man pirate recently completed One Ocean International`s Surf Survival course and we feel like shouting from the rooftops about just how stoked we are. One Ocean founder, Joe Knight, puts you at ease right away with his relaxed, confident manner and obvious passion for what he is teaching. Personally, I loved the structure of the course: combining comprehensive (but not overwhelming) medical, scientific and holistic theory followed by practical exercises and pool training.

Knowledge removes fear

Is something Joe espouses right throughout the training. We gently pushed ourselves within controlled environments (I more than doubled my static breath hold!) and thus began to experience the physiology, and potential, of our own bodies. Practical surf/sea rescue techniques, swim training, pranayama breath practices, and holistic health advice rounds off the course.

Hold down practice

As water-men and -women, we think it`s important to take personal responsibility and continually educate and train ourselves for being in the ocean. When things go pear-shaped – and they do (I`ve nearly been drowned by a Chinese snorkeller! True story..), I would rather have the relaxed confidence that comes from knowledge and training to help both myself and other people, than freak out and flap around cluelessly.

We wholeheartedly recommend this course, are stoked to have met and worked with Joe, and look forward to the evolution of One Ocean International!

Keen to invest in your surfing and expand your water(wo)men skills? Contact Joe directly and check One Ocean International for future courses in the Caribbean (coming up), Australia, New Zealand and Bali. 

Sea rescue safety hold

Breathing prep static salt gypsy-4 copy


course 4 course 3

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  1. Karen

    Hey Dani, hope this finds you super well. Question, do you know any good book titles or other resources on this subject? I’m back in New York (during a flaaaat season) and need to get seriously prepared for a big trip. Any leads would be great.

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