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Like with every stint overseas, when your flights are booked, the Facebook status is up and you buy the power plug converter, you start to get a little excited. So much so that you start telling anyone (yes I mean anyone) that you’re “Going on a trip to (insert exotic destination here),” it slips its cheeky way into every little conversation you have. So when I told people I was off to the Maldives, surprisingly I received lot’s of, “Oh cool, there’s great snorkelling there..” and, “So you’re going diving yeah?” No one seemed to mention surfing, so when I replied, baffled, with “Uhhh yeah, I guess, but I’m taking my surfboard too!” I received comments revealing that lots of people didn’t actually know you could catch a wave in the Maldives!

Now anyone who can successfully strap a leggy to their leg without getting tangled up knows that there are incredibly delicious barrels to be had in the Maldives, the main reason why we spend copious amounts of money and hours to get to this little haven of islands. It was surprising that to non surfers, the Maldives wasn’t exactly known for its waves, but hey maybe I was just talking to the wrong people?

My short stint in the Maldives was nothing short of amazing. Kandooma Island Resort took us under their wing and provided us with some sensational swell out at Kandooma Right. We paddled with huge Manta Rays, baby Sharks and all sorts of folk who live under the sea. It was a photographers dream! Along the way I met  Victorian long boarder Sam Suendermann, an up and coming shredder from Anglesea, and we instantly got talking about future trips as a surfer|photographer duo! Sam absolutely kills it out there, dancing away on her board to the rhythm of the waves. I snagged a few shots of her and we plan on doing plenty more shoots in the future! Definitely look out for her on the pro long boarding scene…

We scored an insane week of waves and we couldn’t have asked for a better time! I’ll definitely be returning to this gem in the Indian Ocean.

Turns out we didn’t go snorkelling once. I guess I was just too preoccupied.

Cait Miers



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  1. After getting back from the Galapagos and a surf club in El Salvador, I was told that the Maldives should be next on the list. The waves look perfect…I’m gonna have to try to make it out there!

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