Dessert Point

Dessert Point


We met a Chilean ripper the other day. She had the courage to live her dream and to guide other girls to do the same. This gypsy is from Pichilemu, Chile. Back then, when she started surfing there weren’t many surfer girls but now a days the female surf scene in her country is evolving and it’s partly because of Trini.


We asked Trini to tell us a little bit about the waves in her country and we found out that Chile has really good waves and really cold water, which helps to keep the crowds away. It has great waves for surfers looking for epic surf in unknown point breaks, quiet loneliness and a green countryside to experience. Her home break, Punta de Lobos is very consistent and is considered the Chilean Surf Capital.


Surf became an important part of Trini’s life and inspired her to create her enterprise Sirena Producciones that organizes female surf contests, camps and events. She started 2 years ago and now she is making the only female surfing circuit – and the only quality contests for girls, which receives girls from all Chile and other countries of Latin America.

“It all started just for fun, with the intention of putting together all of the female surfers in a day of free surfing,” she says. Her first plan was that the less experienced surfers learned from the more experienced surfers and then to start all together making surf trips so that female surfing evolves grows and improves in her country. She got a few sponsors that supported her idea and it started all smooth. From the first event the girls were really satisfied with the experience.


Trini is always trying to teach others the experience that she has been living during her life, sharing her knowledge to the ones that are learning or interested in surfing, and always smiling to life.


Top 10 essential surf travel items:
Surfboardbag with surfboards
Photo camera
Hair dryer
Comfortable clothes to stretch
Yoga mat
Beauty lotions hahaha


Written by our brand-spanking new contributor, Alejandra Zaid.

Read more about this Argentinian charger here. 


  1. Teash

    She is a Chilean ripper (or ‘riper’ as you have written), not Argentinian, as stated in the footer (which is also incorrectly spelt). Sorry to be a pedant, but your readers pick up on these things! Rad story though…

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