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Salt Gypsy is proud to present Joe Knight of One Ocean International (Australia) and his series of Surf Survival 1 day courses held in Bali July 2013.

Stopping off on his way to the Caribbean, Joe will be conducting 4 days of his surf survival teachings for us lucky Salties wanting to further our breath-holds, push our boundaries and comfort levels in bigger waves, and understand the physiology of our bodies while under pressure in stressful ocean situations.

Joe`s holistic philosophy, combined with his paramedical science training and work experience, ensures an all-round approach to this water(wo)man training.

Spread over 4 days and split into surf experience/abilities: INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED surfers


Breath hold

Sea survival

First Aid and Rescue

Panic and Fear Management

Understanding the body`s physiology and natural reactions

Mix of theory and practical work


Must be able to swim

Must be medically fit (see below)

Previous surf experience and an honest evaluation of your surf ability


ADVANCED SURFERS     22 and 24 July

(Course dates are subject to change depending on numbers and levels of surfers enrolled)


Investment $80 AUD    ///    Max. 3 people per day.

For further information please contact us: 


You will be asked to complete a medical declaration and unless you suffer a medical condition that is a contradiction to freediving you will not be required to complete a medical examination. Medical conditions that are of concern are: lung conditions, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, any ear problems or any other major medical conditions.

If you are in any doubt regarding your medical eligibility please don’t hesitate to contact One Ocean.

PLEASE NOTE: $80 AUD is a one-off Introductory price only and will not be repeated.


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