Creator of Wahine on Waves events (NZ) and our Pilates Guru

I am super stoked to share with you some tips and Pilates exercises to help you get motivated and keep up your home practice, If you stretch out tired muscles and keep strong abdominals your body will be extra happy and ready for the next day, sure beats waking up stiff!

#1 Posture

_STR7134 Web

Posture is everything, how you hold yourself, open yourself and be confident in the skin you are in. Body language is a very interesting topic, and can not only show how we are feeling on the inside but having good posture can help your body be free of injuries.

Try this – stand with your feet hip width apart, imagine you have a string attached down through the centre of your body pulling you up to the sky, allow your self to be tall, chin in. Open your shoulders wide and have soft knees & hips. Sit bones ( butt bones ) drawing slightly towards your heels.

Benefits for surfing: Spine alignment, open shoulders, breathing easier, length of skeleton, space between bones and vital organs, looks great and like you are confident and ready to take on the world.

Being aware of your posture and body alignment is key, especially when you are surfing or riding a wave, with the various positions the better body awareness you have the better you will rip in the surf.

#2 Roll Down
_STR7136 Web

From your standing posture allow your body to drape forward and down as if you are melting like a candle down to the ground. Let each vertebrae release off one another and create space to let your spine flex forward, drawing your abdominals/belly in and up inside your body.

Benefits for surfing: Spine alignment and flexibility of your spine, relaxing your back muscles and stretching out the back of your legs. This is a counter balanced movement for surfing, so its really good for you after and before surfing too!

#3 Resting at the bottom of roll down

_STR7138 Web

Once you have reached the ground allow your body to relax, breathe and stretch out the back of your legs. Let gravity work its magic, pressing your sit bones up to the sky. Stay here and take a few long deep breaths.

Benefits for surfing: Relaxing back muscles and stretching the back of your legs. Letting gravity assist to stretch out your back. The more flexible you are in your spine and legs the better your surfing will be too.

#4 Inverted V

_STR7151 Web

Now you can walk out to your inverted V position, bend your knees stretch your sit bones up to the sky then straighten your knees for maximum stretch of your hamstrings ( back of legs ) and back. You will feel this in the part of your body that most needs stretching.

Benefits for surfing: Strong long flexible back and legs, stretches out your arms and under arm muscles ( lattimus dorsi ) they get worked in surfing. Before and after surfing its good to stretch out your back and legs because with long periods in the surf these muscles get shorter.

# 5 Inverted V Reach

_STR7154 Web

From here try and keeps your hips in line with your shoulders and reach one leg up to the sky, point your toes and stretch as much as you can.

Benefits for surfing: Stretching out your butt, back and arms, reaching as long as possible helps to promote long lean muscles. While holding this position practise long breaths in and out!

Do the same with the opposite leg:

_STR7153 Web

To finish walk back to the bottom of the roll down and roll back up, allowing your sit bones to be drawn to your heels and re-stacking your spine to come up to a standing position. Like #1 Posture.


Polestar Pilates International Studio & Mat Instructor
Certificate in Exercise Physiology
Surf Coach Level 1
Snowboard Instructor Level 3 USA
X Sponsored Snowboarder
*Photography by Brennan Thomas


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  2. Great post! This early morning routine sure is a great way to wake up those muscles! And it’s just like the Suryanamaskar of Yoga!

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