It was this time last year, halfway through our third surf season working in the Maldives, that I had to get all DIY-on-it and have some surf leggings made up. You see, growing up in the Land of the Long White Cloud, we have a whopping big hole in the ozone layer so these days you burn in less than 10 minutes. 30+ years of sun exposure, coupled with 3 tropical surf seasons under my belt, equates to a lot of sun damage no matter how hard you try to cover up and be sun smart. Throw in the fact that the Maldives is a Muslim nation and a bit of modesty becomes even more appropriate.

But let`s be honest, surf guide wages don`t stretch very far so when my only options at the time were Skins Compression leggings at NZD $160+ a pop, or the graphic digital prints of Black Milk Clothing (some of which we love  and whose range is expanding exponentially), it was a case of looking like an Olympic athlete wannabe or full-fashion-trendo. Neither of which is our style. Our bespoke surf leggings were born and now we`ve started to see other crew follow suit.

Here are our current picks for protecting our pins and saving our pants from falling down….

moatMuther of All Things (Byron Bay) in and out of the water

mollyMolly and Polly Swimwear (Gold Coast) Carnival leggings, currently ON SALE. Shot in Bali 2013


Seea x Thalia Surf leggings (left) and Pacifica surf leggings (right). Both by The Seea.

black milk

We`re a sucker for neon yellow and black so if we ever go night surfing under UV lights, we`ll be wearing these.

Limited Edition neon leggings by Black Milk Clothing (Australia)

RichardKotch_Maldives2013_ IMG_0591

Salt Gypsy bespoke surf leggings

Rider: Caity Griffin  //  Photographer: Richard Kotch  //  Location: Maldives 2013 (above)

Rider: Donica Shouse  //  Photographer: Sarah Lee  //  Location: Hawaii 2013 (below)

Donica by Sarah Lee

More we love:

black milk

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.44.26 PM

Have fun in the lineup ladies!

*Photos sourced from each respective website:


  1. Love this article! I’ve also used some of the teeki leggings in the water and they work pretty well!

  2. Jamie

    Are there no surf leggings for guys… we burn in the sun as well?

  3. joanniejprice

    Thanks for the lovely article! I have never hear of leggings be worn in the water but after seeing some of these pictures I want a pair! Do they have a company website?

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