It`s not often we feature guys on Salt Gypsy but after being introduced to Joe Knight, man of many talents, we were intrigued and inspired by his new business enterprise, One Ocean International. Turns out he`s coached our old flatmate in Byron Bay, surf photographer Alex Frings, and one of our girlfriends, visual artist and surfer, Jess Leitmanis. ‘Tis a small world we live in.

Want to feel more comfortable and confident surfing bigger waves? Expecting long hold downs and want to increase your breath hold? Keen to push your boundaries? Then Joe is the man to teach us how….

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Joe at Nias

Hey Joe, can you tell us about One Ocean and how you came to create your business? Haha! I love answering this question! Well a trip to Fiji when I was 10 sealed my fate as a free diver. I just fell in love with that feeling of being underwater. Since that time I based my whole life around the water from surfing, freediving, spearfishing competitions, serving in the Royal Australian Navy, commercial diving, Offshore Survival training…yes, I`m addicted to that wet stuff! One day I decided to roll all that experience and my passions together and boom! One Ocean International was created! And I love it!

What does One Ocean offer and where can we participate? One Ocean offers a broad range of ocean-related courses that are currently run out of Melbourne, Byron Bay, Sydney, Indonesia…watch this space…and, as of August, the Caribbean yeow! The cost varies depending on location and course but range from AUD $70pp for a 1 day Surf Survival course out of Indonesia to AUD $600pp for a SSI Level 2 Freediving course. You can visit the website for more info.

Courses on offer at the moment are:

Ocean Confidence Coaching

Surf Survival

Freediving – SSI Level 1 and 2

Specialist watermanship training – kayakers, lifeguards etc…

Remote area First Aid

Other cool stuff!


First Aid Kits  //  Dive and Freedive wetsuits


Medical Support  //  Underwater photography  //  Nutrition + Lifestyle consultations (Western and Ayurvedic)

joe ocean

Is there a course you`d recommend specifically for surfers? Definitely the Surf Survival course! These courses are designed to enhance students existing water(wo)man skills in a relaxed, fun and safe atmosphere. This is done by exploring the reactions the human body goes through whilst in stressful situations like big wave hold-downs, and breaking this down step by step to give the student an insight into the actual processes that are taking place.

This theory is then backed up by fun, challenging and realistic based training in a safe environment to put this knowledge into practice.

Practical training covers areas such as:

Breath hold

Sea Survival

First Aid and Rescue

Panic/Fear Management


Must be able to swim, have had previous surfing experience and be MEDICALLY FIT.

Course structure: 1 Day

Theory – 2.5 hours  //  Lunch – 30min  //  Practical – 4 hours

What is supplied?

Freediving mask, weight belt and weights  //  Tea, water and juice  //  Fruit

What you need to bring:

towel  //  wetsuit, rashy, boardies, leggings  //  water  //  sunscreen + zinc  //  pen + notepad  //  lunch

We`re sold! How do we book? You can book courses by contacting One Ocean directly at: or via Salt Gypsy:

Payment is accepted via Paypal or direct deposit via the One Ocean website. A 20% deposit is required to confirm your spot.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 7.28.35 PMYour top 10 essential surf travel items:

Apart from the obvious like passport, bank cards and stuff….

Homeopathic profolactic medication for tropical diseases

Tough mosquito net – Australian made!

3G mobile phone


Sewing kit

Surf repair kit

First aid kit

Dry bags

Thermarest and your own sheet

Tea! Haha…a long story that one!

Your favourite surf spot: Secret!! Second favourite is the Bluff, NW Western Australia

Words you live by….Good question!

Passion, kindness, happiness, confidence, positivity and patience.

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