For this Froth Lady, visiting Deus ex Machina’s Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu, Indo, has been a goal. Why? Well, I’m super enthusiastic about surfing so visiting a surfing mecca appropriately named was a must. This year was the 3rd annual ‘9ft & Single Logfest,’ a longboarding competition, with an art exhibition and bodysurfing comp thrown in for good measure. And to top it all off, it was awesome to meet some of the lovely Salt Gypsy crew and have a beer.

The comp started early Sunday morning 2nd June, and my friend and I wandered down to Echo Beach and found our spot on the sand. It was just how I had imagined – low key with about 60 or so peeps, casual commentary and Bintangs on ice.

Representing the ladies were the amazing Kassia Meador along with Ophélie Ah Kouen, a 19-year old longboarder from France. For the latter, during her heat her name wasn’t mentioned, she was called ‘the girl’. There were also some comments thrown in about her bikini bottoms which admittedly were in the style Alana Blanchard holds dear.


Now, perhaps it was because it was a male-dominated comp and every other surfer was identified during the commentary, or perhaps it’s because they didn’t really comment on Ophélie’s surfing during her heat, but it kinda bugged me.

Without a doubt Deus is a boys’ club where girls are welcome … but only so much. It was great to see two girls out there and hopefully there will be more entering next year. And while I think of it, maybe Deus should look at a collaboration with some of the amazing independent women’s surfwear around at the moment? Sure it would change the vibe of the Temple of Enthusiasm, but maybe it would be for the better?

9’FT & SINGLE 2013 from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.

And as for the commentary about Ophélie’s bikini bottoms? (Btw, they would never mention Kassia’s figure as she is part of the inner-circle – that is my reasoning anyway.) Well, this sparked a discussion with my friend as we sat on the beach with our dark sunglasses on, admiring the many bare-chested men around us. I am usually the first of my female friends to make a cheeky comment if we see a particularly fine looking man getting changed in the carpark, but hearing Ophélie not being called by her name and comments on her body rather than her style in the line-up, just didn’t sit right. Nevertheless, I’m hoping she’ll be back in the comp and shredding next year, alongside other amazing women.

All photos are by Gill & Coast Thru Life


  1. Thank you for this article and it’s critical views. Really liked it and it is good to know that there are other women out there who feel the same… Now I’m getting really excited for Bali! 🙂

  2. Paulina

    This is incredibly disappointing. Hopefully Deus read your post, lift their game and take your advice.

    • Well, I reckon as ladies if we get more involved and enter these comps, the culture will naturally start to shift. If my surfing was up to scratch, I’d definitely enter next year.

  3. Well put. It truly was an incredible weekend of surf and sun, but also kinda like being on the sidelines of a mens football game…us gals are welcome to watch and cheer but dont get your hopes up about joining the boys on the field. I too am hoping to see some kind of colab with a womens brand in the future.

  4. Let`s just do one ourselves ladies! You`re all invited to participate yeow!

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