Maya Gabeira Photo Pompermayer

Maya Gabeira. Charging. 

Last year, Surfer Magazine released the first issue of its female counterpart: Salted. Dedicated to the global community of female surfers, Salted`s second issue has just landed in both print and digital formats. We were stoked when editor, Janna Irons, spared a moment to talk us through this new release…

Lisa Anderson Photo O'NeillWe are very excited to read this second installment of Salted magazine – especially the travel features. Can you tell us the concept behind each location and the women involved….For the second issue, we wanted to really show how broad female surfing is, so we included features that span all ages, locations, and sectors of the surf world. There`s a profile on one of the most progressive female surfers on the planet, Malia Manuel, as well as one of the greatest female surfers of all time, Lisa Andersen. There are trips to Iceland, China, and Mexico, and a massive photo feature of beautiful images from all over the globe. We also included a feature on the best female big-wave surfers, where they discuss the dangers and motivations for surfing massive waves. Plus, we threw in a short fashion feature, an op-ed, and a collection of smaller features on interesting characters in the surf world. I`m really interested in people and personalities, so I tried to include different types of surfers that readers can hopefully relate to.

Women in the water – are more chicks travelling to surf and explore these days? I don`t have the data to prove it, but just judging by the number of girls I see in the water, and the proliferation of successful, female-specific businesses, I would say that there are more female surfers than ever before. And that being said, it`s crazy to me that there hasn`t been a female surf mag for the last five years or more. I`m excited that we`ve been given the opportunity to provide that!

How do you see the calibre of female surfers evolving? There will always be beginners and female surfers of varying ability, but it`s really the calibre of women at the top who show us how far women`s surfing has progressed. Some of the women on Tour are reaching the level of some of the top males. And watching the young girls in Hawaii and at Nationals this year, I was shocked at how well these tiny little humans are surfing. I just imagine these girls growing up looking up to girls like Carissa Moore and Steph Gilmore, and I know that we`re only going to see the overall level of female surfing evolve moving forward.

And if we stopped by at your place on our Salt Gypsy World Tour, where would you take us for a surf, cold beer post-surf, or quintessential American hotdog? Oh, most definitely. I know a place with the BEST beer/hotdog happy hour (they`re amazing, and I don`t even like hotdogs!).

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 2.50.21 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 2.50.32 PMKassia Meador_Šaher Iceland_Photo Martens

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Photos in order from top:

Maya Gabeira. Photo: Pompermayer

Lisa Andersen. Photo: O’Neill

Janna Irons and Monyca Byrne-Wickey

Kelia Moniz, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Janna Irons

Kassia Meador. Photo: Saher

Leanne Curren in foreground, Iceland. Photo: Martens


  1. mandy lancellas

    Hi Dani !!

    Awesome post!
    Ive tried to contact SURFER in the past regarding international subscriptions but I get automated replies that dont really answer any of my questions, its quite dissapointing – do you or any readers possibly know if SALTED automatically comes with the digital version of SURFER ? as apparently the print version of the magazine is not available for international /subscriptions and is only on news stands? … so now if its digitally available then Id like to subscribe but to try order a back order so I have both editions on my pc…
    if you possibly have a contact persons email address so I can speak with a human about all this I would be SO GRATEFUL ! ?
    Mandy ~

    Cape Town
    South Africa

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