Small waves in Bali at the moment = the perfect opportunity to try my hand at longboarding and teaching myself how to surf switch foot 

Wearing Molly and Polly Carnival leggings. 

DSC_0289 copy

DSC_0467 copy DSC_0564 copy

DSC_0469 copy DSC_0474 copy DSC_0476 copyObligatory wipeout test. Leggings stay put….Pass. 


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    I recently searched around WordPress for blogs to link to my page. I found this one. I like it…. It’s a big and wonderful world.

  2. omg..the leggings look so cool! I was like does she have a ferris wheel tattoo?? lol! Bali must be amazing! the surf looks fun, like a great long-boarding day! gosh I haven’t done that in years!!

  3. Emma

    hi i was just wondering where abouts is this break in bali…? i’m heading there for a surf trip in a week and want to surf some nice easy 3-4 foot waves… do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Emma, these shots were taken at Tugu in Canggu, north of Seminyak/Kuta areas. I would suggest Canggu area for beach breaks, though can still get pretty crowded. Another spot I`d recommend is Balian beach, about 2hrs north of this area, and Medewi (half hour north of Balian) if you want mellow rocky reef break. See you in the lineup!

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