RichardKotch_Maldives2013_ IMG_0455 RichardKotch_Maldives2013_ IMG_0478 RichardKotch_Maldives2013_ IMG_0551 RichardKotch_Maldives2013_ IMG_0591 RichardKotch_Maldives2013_ IMG_0610 RichardKotch_Maldives2013_ IMG_0288

It`s hard not to wet my pants with excitement when these fullas team up. My fellow surf guiding rad peeps hard at play in the Maldives:

Rider: Caity Griffin 

Salt Gypsy Ambassador, Californian Native, Big Wave Charger, Maldives Surf Guide

Photographer: Richard Kotch

Husband of The Charging Pixie, Capturer of Good Times, One half of the duo who Changed My Life

Guest appearance (shots 2 + 3) : Amy Kotch

The Charging Pixie and the other half of the duo who Changed My Life

Wearing: The Original Salt Gypsy Surf Leggings


  1. So amazing! The photos are super fresh! xxx

  2. seekingmyhappy

    I really needed to see this! I miss surfing everyday, and I’m finally moving to a nice area with beautiful waves. Thanks!

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