Ming Nomchong is a crafter of fine imagery. We`ve been following her travels and captures for awhile now and are absolutely stoked to share Ming`s interpretation of style in the lineup….




We love your imagery Ming, can you tell us more about your art practice and the kind of photographic shenanigans you get up to? Thankyou very much! I guess my practice is evolving into specialising in surf/underwater, travel and lifestyle photography. It`s where the love is. I`m combining my favourite things to do in life and getting paid to do them! I often also do portrait sessions for people who want to incorporate surf or underwater shots as well which is always super fun. I shoot weddings as well which I really enjoy. It`s all about being creative on the spot – it keeps me on my toes! I`m pretty much up for anything, all of the time. As long as it involves me having a camera in my hand and being creative, I`ll do it!

Do you make a living from your practice? If so, what have been some challenges in eatablishing yourself? I`ve just come back from a 4 year hiatus from photography, spending the last few years sailing around the world. Before that I was working as a photographer and assisting commercial photographers in Sydney, shooting mainly commercial, corporate portraits and real estate, but it wasn`t really floating my boat. I have a love for travel and surf, and while overseas, found that I could combine them with photography and make it work.

Coming back home to Byron and setting up business here is challenging because it`s kinda like starting from scratch again. You have to work really hard to make a name for yourself and get your work out there so people start to know who you are and want to book you! It`s a slow process but good things take time and you just have to keep reminding yourself that things don`t happen overnight.

Platforms like social media are a rad way to get your work out there, meet like-minded people to bond with and share skills and knowledge, and are awesome avenues for small businesses to boost audiences. I always think back to when I was in Sydney and how different it all was without Facebook/instagram/tumblr etc. How the hell did people know about stuff back then?! The world is a lot smaller these days and I think it`s awesome.



You`re based in the creative surf-centric hub of Byron bay. How does place/space encourage or inspire your photography? I`m inspired everyday. There are so many insanely creative people here doing the most amazing things and being around such a creative space and creative people is enough encouragement to get out there and be creative yourself. I`m constantly trying to capture some of the energy of Byron, the people and the culture, in my photos. The surfing culture and lifestyle, no matter where you are in the world, is definitely a very special one to be connected to because it comes down to a love of our environment. Love to be in it and live amongst it.

How do we buy your prints or commission a shoot with you? You can purchase prints right off the blog or contact me via email: or phone: +61410682090




Top 10 essential surf travel items:

Canon cameras and lenses

Aquatech surf housing

My McTavish 6’2 single fin Scooter

Fins, mask and snorkel gear


Loads of zinc and suncreen

Chamois (I love these things – so good for so many uses, never need a towel again)

Polarised sunnies


Kindle (you can fit 1000 books in 1 Kindle, how good is that!)


Words you live by….

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

And when in doubt, Pick C. 


Instagram: mingnomchongphotography

*Featured Byron Salties – we`re not sure so if it`s you we`d be stoked to hear from you!

*Featured surfwear made by Byron Bay indie labels: Tallow and Muther of All Things

and one blue Patagonia neoprene suit.


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