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As a student photographer, I’ve been working on a photo documentary over the past few months, following the lives of three local girls Tabby Vockler, Matilda Mclellan & Ginny Hodgkinson from the Mornington Peninsula, Vic. Last Thursday evening, I got to hang out with two of them and do a shoot based around what they get up to away from the water! It was a bag of fun and we didn’t stop laughing the entire time. Tabby & Gin made beautiful healthy banana smoothies, and a raw vegan cake that was to die for! There were many smiles and it was great to see such individuality coming from both of them. These teenagers certainly don’t follow the crowd, they’re braving the stereotypes both in and out of the water and it was something pretty amazing to capture! It was great to see the girls just relax and be exactly that…girls! The new age surfer girl is becoming a picture of femininity and these two are an example of that. Check out some images from the shoot. The doco is in its final stages and should be completed in a week or two, so stay tuned!

Cait Miers

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