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Elsie (pictured above) launched the Neon Wetsuits site about a week ago and it has already crashed due to high traffic. That’s no surprise because these wetsuits are ridiculously awesome (and don’t you worry, all technical hitches have been sorted, so get ready to shop).

Hailing from Cornwall, Elsie has been surfing since she was 16 and loves how the crew is ‘super keen’ considering the water temperature is rather chilly for 6 months of the year. And chilly water demands more than a bikini.

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Like most of us lady surfers, Elsie soon grew sick of the ‘lairy logos and pink flowers’ plastered all over women’s surfwear and wanted to make something a bit more ‘grown up’. And with the recent success of labels such as Tallow and The Seea it’s obvious there are many ladies out there who all thoroughly agree.

What sets Neon Wetsuits apart is that you choose the colours from a selection of designs. You can choose to stay monochrome or go crazy with technicolour. Choose your high-waisted bottoms, swimsuit, spring suits or long-sleeved top, click your colours and Elsie will whip up your order. Oh, the joy!

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Elsie’s fave from the range is the swimsuit because ‘it’s just so frickin’ comfy’. The suits are all made out of 2mm neoprene so if you have been tolerating constant bruising on your hipbones, these suits offer a bit of extra padding.

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Elsie has been designing clothes for a long time and is planning to ‘keep the design moving’ with ever evolving lines. Having already caught the eye of British Vogue, even the fashion peeps see Elsie’s onto a good thing.

And we’re all ready to see some splashes of colour out on the water. In fact, some of us were born ready. Yew!

(PS. I’m Gill and this is my first post as a contributor. Hi-fives!)

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The Salt Gypsy Team would like to commend and thank Neon Wetsuits for finally putting out some classy and contemporary female surfwear imagery. Our order is coming soon!


  1. Thats so awesome, so good to see brands like these popping up esp for female surfers.

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