Image by Cait Miers

I found myself thinking the other day of the lineup. You know, 10 guys to 1 girl ratio, hustling men trying to snag waves, no one ever abiding by the rule ‘ladies first’…

Well all that changed for just a few seconds, two years ago. I was surfing up at Noosa with my brother and there were plenty of guys around. Plenty. I’d been out for an hour or so and started paddling for this one gem, to find this guy paddling on the inside of me. Next thing I hear, ‘oh, ladies first! off you go!’ WHAT! This dude actually wanted me to catch his wave. It took me by surprise because I’d never heard that before. And I’ve remembered it ever since because it got me thinking of how far the lineup has actually come, beginning with the days of Gidget. Such a sassy young lady surfing oblivious to the men around her, what an icon! The new Australian TV series Puberty Blues has also bought us back to the days where girls would never been seen surfing. Instead, they watched patiently from the beach and gathered chicko rolls for their men. Perfectly normal, but look how far we’ve come.

Nearly every surf I have there will be at least another girl out there, and its so inspiring to see. The womens surf industry is really starting to take off, dancing in all directions, with feminine beauties such as Steph Gilmore & Alana Blanchard leading the charge. So ladies, don’t ever feel intimidated out there. I truly hope your day of ‘Ladies First’ comes soon enough, one where a handsome young man gives you his wave, watches you glide into the sunset and sweeps you off your board…one day!

Cait Miers


  1. Ah that put a smile on my face!

  2. Sara McKay

    Such a sweet post!!! One day :))))

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