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It’s cold on our coast right now. Freezing, in fact. And while most teenage girls wouldn’t dream of going near the ocean at this time of year, there are three that wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Tab Vockler, Matilda Mclellan and Ginny Hodgkinson are three dedicated, talented and happy-go-lucky girls taking to the water dawn till dusk. Inspired by their passion, a project came to mind and as a student photographer, I set myself a goal to capture the girls in a documentary style series, which will eventually result in 15-20 images, showcasing their story.

Girls surfing in Victoria isn’t widely exposed, and on the coast of the Mornington Peninsula, there are a limited number of girls that really give it a go. And that’s why I want to bring you their amazing story. We’ve had a few shoots so far and there are many more to come. Here’s a sneak peak, just take a look and sea for yourself. And take note, there are much more to these chicky babes than meets the eye…Stay Tuned!

Caitlin Miers //

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