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Butterfly Girl

Tatiana Howard spreads the water woman stoke around the world

Words by Kevin Pritchard

Tatiana Howard, the sparkle in her bright blue eyes, the wispy sun bleached hair flowing in the wind, and a smile that sets the world on fire, is like a butterfly around the world spreading the what we islanders call Aloha.

At the age of 26, this Maui born water woman is out to spread her love and aloha for the water. Growing up on Maui, Tatiana has taken full advantage of what the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.  She is a surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer, stand up paddler, hula dancer, and the initiator of The Butterfly Effect.

With such a passion for water sports, Tatiana finished up her education and instantly went looking for something different in life, someway to do what she loves and share it with others.  “I wanted other girls to feel the same joy and happiness that I get from the water, wind, and fresh air.  We thought it would be fun to have a group activity that involved all the water sports but not competitive. It is always windy on Maui, so I told my girlfriends to join me on a adventure starting at Ho’okipa Beach Park to Kanaha Beach Park on Maui’s North Shore.  From one girlfriend to another, we started telling all the girls on the island who liked to windsurf, kitesurf, or stand up paddle, no matter their level, to come.

Then it just happened liked a bang and has been unstoppable since! We did it! Everyone had so much fun that we had to do it in more places, keep spreading our wings and sharing aloha with the world!  And hence “The Butterfly Effect was born!” says Tati.

In 2007 The Butterfly Effect started out with 15 water women, all having a blast with contagious smiles and laughter.  They all gathered around and did some beach yoga, stretching, and got ready to launch their boards in the water. It is a group experience, a bonding time for everyone involved.  The next year more and more “Butterflies” showed up! In 2012 The Butterfly Effect Maui spread their wings to over 250 women doing the downwinder on Maui’s North shore. We had a helicopter doing a flower drop, jetskis, photographers, videographers, sponsors, music and a community beach clean up.  It was like the whole community wanted to get involved.

*Words and photographs supplied by Tatiana Howard.

If you would like to be involved or register for the Maui event, click here.


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