Having recently completed some life coaching sessions, we were stoked to meet another life and business coach in Jersey lass, Linzi Wilson.  A wee while ago, Linzi completed her own project, 100 Days of Surf – pretty self-explanatory title but she really did surf 100 days in a row and we were impressed. This lady has a lot going on so we are chuffed she took a moment to pause and fill us in on her super-radness….

Congratulations on recently completing your 100 Days of Surf! What was the concept behind this? Yay!! Thanks 🙂 I guess the main reason I decided to do it was because I felt like I needed to reconnect to my identity. I`ve had a pretty roller coaster-y couple of years and I just wanted to do something that I knew would result in me feeling more like me. It`s so easy to get caught up with everything else going on in your life and forget about what is really important.

The accountability of the whole challenge (I was posting daily videos online) was awesome. I realised that determination can be strengthened when you put yourself out there and say you`re going to do something.

The best thing about it? I look at myself in the mirror, with my salty hair and sunburnt nose, and now can say THIS IS WHO I AM 🙂

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Where you from originally and how did you end up creating your business, Hello Glow Coaching?  I`m from Jersey, which is an awesome little island in between England and France. I`ve experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. From teaching kids to surf to running music festivals. I`ve had huge successes and one spectacular failure. After 10 years of striving, searching and working like crazy I realises I`d become so fixated on the goal that I`d forgotten the journey.

At my lowest point, my life coach called me up and suggested we look at what really makes me happy. I came to the conclusion that I was at my happiest when I was teaching people to surf. Why? Because I was making a difference in their lives, and they always left feeling stoked. I realised that I could use my experience as an entrepreneur to help others find their purpose and create a business and life they LOVE.

One question changed everything…how do I want to feel? My focus now is on freedom, passion, adventure and contribution.

Photo on 05-06-2012 at 16.16How can we sign up for coaching with you and what would we have in store for us? Drop me an email and we can get started! I`ll send you a bunch of questions so we can start exploring where you`re at. My first sessions is always free of charge so you can get an understanding of what my coaching looks and feels like.

I work primarily with women entrepreneurs. Either at the start of that journey, or some way down the track. I`m results-driven, so I`m aiming for great stuff, no scratch that, EPIC stuff to start showing up in your life as we work together.

How do I do it? A blend of coaching and business mentoring (I`m a marketing and branding geek). Helping you find clarity, strategy and momentum, and empowering you to blaze your own path.

Any plans or projects for 2013? Yes…HEAPS! I`m working on a new online platform at the moment to connect entrepreneurs who surf. I`m also planning to create retreats for women where we surf, SUP, eat super healthy food, practice yoga and get really clear on how we can create a business and lifestyle we love. It will be a collaborative project where we pull together an awesome team to deliver the most inspiring adventure ever 🙂 Oh, and I`m sneaking back to Europe for a couple of months so lots of catching up with besties, surf and SUP adventures and all kinds of good stuff!

What`s one piece of advice you would share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

Start with your ‘why’ and always, always listen to your gut instinct. 

Words you live by…

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth “you owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky  –  Hafiz

Favourite surf spot…Oh that`s hard…can I have 2? Tropical and non-tropical?! The Maldives are pretty much the perfect playground and the SW of France. Epic beach breaks, forests, lakes to SUP on, mountains close by for sneaky snowboarding trips, super delicious food and a real focus on the good life.

Top 10 essential surf travel items:

Blissology yoga workouts on my laptop

Moleskine notebooks for scribbling (I always seem to get super inspiring business ideas when I`m travelling)



Boards – longboards, shortboards, fishes…whatever I`m going to have the most fun on 😉

My Macbook Pro

Books (right now I`m loving Danielle LaPorte`s Desire Map)


Lululemon yoga mat (their Un Mat is awesome for travelling – its super light and fits in a board bag)

Grapefruit seed extract – magic in a bottle…it`s a totally natural antibiotic and has been my saving grace on numerous occasions

*If you would like to connect with Linzi, you can contact her here:

Email :

Website  //  Facebook  //  Twitter 

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  1. George

    When are you back in Jersey

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