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When we first saw pics of Nath Toga we were excited to see another woman charging in the surf. Growing up on Reunion Island and having since settled in Sydney, Australia, we were intrigued about this fit French beauty and wanted to find out more of her story…

You recently did a trip to the Maldives – how was your experience? It was my first trip to the Maldives and it was insane. I LOVED it! Everything – the surf, the waves, the ocean, the people and the place. I stayed one week at Cokes Surf Camp and one week at Hudhuran Fushi resort (Lohis). Each was a very different experience but I liked them both.

Surfing there was like a dream but I think we got really lucky with everyone calling it one of the best swells of the year. We had non-stop swell, light winds, no rain and light crowds. At Lohi`s it was awesome to meet and surf with Amy Kotch and Caity Griffin, the island`s surf guides. Surfing with them really made me push my limits to some places I didn`t know I could go. I just love sharing surfs with girls. It is so inspiring and empowering. I got one of the biggest barrels of my life at Jails and if Caity hadn`t got the first bomb of the set I`m not sure if I would have taken off, and if she wasn`t cheering me on I probably wouldn`t have pulled in either!


Sick Nath, I have the same feeling surfing with those two! Can you tell us more about yoga championships…Yes, it doesn`t sound very “yogi” but it`s called an Asana Championship where you have to perform a routine with 7 postures, 5 compulsory and 2 of your choice in 3 minutes. You are judged on balance, strength, flexibility, control, timing and appropriate breathing in postures.

I found it was such a great way to improve my yoga practice and kind of like surfing comps – it just pushes you to a different level. Plus the vibe is so cool as you all train together and help each other achieve your best. I ended up getting 4th in NSW and qualifying for the Nationals in February so I am really looking forward to that next challenge.

yoga comp 7

Words you live by…I`ve had a few life experiences that influenced what`s important to me.

The first one is to just be who you are and stay true to yourself.

The second is to try to take each day as it comes and make the most of it. My mum always says: “Don`t drown yourself in a glass of water,” which basically means: don`t let the small details become big ones – look at the big picture and enjoy life.

Favourite surf spot: Any section from Snapper Rocks to the corner of Pizza Hut in Kirra (despite the crowd I am a Super Bank lover). My other favourites are Ha`apiti in Tahiti, Cokes and Lohis in the Maldives (of course) and Saint Leu in Reunion Island.

nath surf 13Top 10 essential surf travel items:

My 5’10 KU surfboard (my favourite one) plus some spares

Bikinis – loads (Surfkinis are the best!)

Books (stupid romantic comedy ones)

My Onzie yoga outfit for pre- and post-surf stretching. I love Onzie!

iPod with lots of dancing and French music

My giant first aid kit (pharmacy in a bag courtesy of my doctor dad)

Thongs and sarong

Long arm rashy, sunscreen and sunnies!

                                Boyfriend (sometimes)

*Photographs provided by Nath with thanks to the following photographers:

Richard Kotch  //

Mark Rennie  //

Nick Bowen  //

Homeally Photography

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