We are a small nation full of talented folk down in New Zealand so it does me proud to share with you Surface Too Deep – a swimwear label from the creative hub of Wellington City. One half of the design duo, Sarah-Jane, shared some insight into their creations. Esther apparently is galivanting around South America “product-testing”…awesome.


What is the concept behind your label? Our focus is to create beautiful prints combined with vintage elements, good structure and support. Making shapes to flatter every body.

Talk us through the collection…The prints are all created by us and are exclusive to Surface Too Deep. Styles and prints are new each season and we put a lot of effort into keeping our shapes flattering and comfortable while at the same time being fashion-forward.

Would you recommend any styles in particular as suitable for active water women? The high-waisted bottoms are especially good for the more active watersports like surfing, and help stop board rash if you`re not wearing a wetty. The Almost Famous top with the wider cap sleeve straps is super supportive and comfortable.


What`s your take on the high-waisted trend – are women actually wearing these or is it just for editorial? Surf x Fashion…is it a happening thing? Yes! People are wearing it! We`ve been doing high-waisted for 3 years now and people love it. It`s taken a while to catch on and to start with people have been a bit hesitant to push the boundaries in swimwear but things are really taking off in an exciting direction. You have a much wider range available that`s a bit different to your standard triangle tops and teeny hipster bottoms. Still great for soaking up the vitamin D but people are asking for more variety, support and style.

Just because you like surfing doesn`t mean you don`t want something fashion-forward and I think people have stopped trying to fit themselves into shapes that don`t work and have put it back onto people like us to come up with shapes that flatter all shapes and sizes.

What have been some challenges in starting your own business? How are you overcoming these? It`s been a bit of a trial by fire, it`s quite different to anything either of us have done in the past but we have so many amazing people who are more experienced than us offering support and guidance. Any obstacles we come up against go to a panel of mentors who give us advise surface2and it`s up to us to get through it. I wouldn`t say it`s been easy but it`s been made a lot easier through doing things this way.

If you could pimp us out in the lineup, what would you have us wearing? The Misfits high-waisted bottoms and Almost Famous top in Ava – it`s totally the Sunset Beach print.

How can we purchase a piece or three? We`ll keep topping up our online store as stock comes in. If your size and style isn`t there just get in touch and we`ll let you know who has that style. Many of our stores have a website which makes things easy and if they don`t I`m sure they`re all happy to order over the phone and send out.

NZ stockists are:

The Department Store



Good As Gold


is this love?

The Supply Room

Trouble and Fox

Slick Willys

Australian stockists:


Wolf Whistle

The Pavilion Boutique


Favourite beach destination…Anywhere on the Coromandel – Whangapoua or Hahei Beach.

Words you live by…

Figure out what you want and what you need to make that happen. Write it down and then give yourself a deadline.



*Images provided by Surface Too Deep


  1. The Wheats

    Agreed! What pretty shots on their website!

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