We were introduced to Federica Sacchini and her collection of handmade bags through one of our Italian customers, Francesca. Thanks ladies for sharing your crafty creativeness and business with us – we like what you do! In her own words….


I`m from Italy, Tuscany, the sunny region. I was born by the coast but now I moved to a little village with seaviews on the hill of Guardistallo. Of course there`s the possibility to do some good surf sessions, easy to find lovely and sandy spots or also rocks and really strong conditions.

My project born inspired by my last trip to the north of Brazil, where lots of windsurfers broke their sails very easily, from which I developed my creative recycling project, upcycling sails that were still wet and smelling of the sea into bags…Gradually my concept was extended to many other used objects that can be found on the beach or at a marina from the finishing of boats to air mattresses that had to be abandoned by tourists at the end of the summer vacation seasons.


I turn all this stuff into innovative, young, colourful handbags and accessories, each of them is strongly related to wind, sun and water elements, that let you carry your pleasant memories of past summers, travel and sunny shores with you throughout the year. Every product is a unique piece designed following four basic steps: the careful hunt for materials, so closely line to the beach that still smell of the sea and the cleaning, the cutting and the assembly of each creation.

It was not easy in the beginning because the happiness feeling I had starting doing bags and stuffs for myself changed at the moment I realised that my personal hobby can become a real work and business. That moment was intense and hard to accept but at the same time really exciting, so I realised that I had to be more positive and work hard to communicate my brand, my idea of recycling and my creative handmade products with sea smell.


Every creation is a single piece so it was impossible for me to implement a website with an ordinary e-commerce gallery and a standard line of products. I chose to create a blog to communicate my inspirations and the real concepts of my works in order to ease (encourage) my customers to choose style and moods. The goal is to create something special, unique and personal for everyone.

I was born on the coast, by the sea and this has ever influenced my life. So I started doing windsurf when I was 15 and I love to do that in the summer windy days. I also surf from some years but it`s not a daily pleasure, it`s a lovely way to spending summertime, riding some quiet waves and its also a reason to travel around during wintertime, especially to Morocco, one of my favourite destinations, so homely and easy to reach.


If you would come to visit me, and you will be welcome, I should show you the place I “live” during my Italian summertime: the windsurf and watersports school of two good friends of mine, Spot 1, a really salty people place with a little bar by the beach, so good to drink a cold beer watching the sun going into the sea.

Every morning when I wake up, I wandered, “What is going to happen today…?” and the only answer I receive is “You just will be yourself…” Inside this thought I find the energy to create some good products for life and enjoy days at my best.

I chose to do things I love but I can do that and my works really better with the help and the support of my windsurfer boyfriend, Robi, the welcome of my very good sea friends of Spot1 Windsurf School, and some advices by France (Francesca), my staunch ally.

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*Federica Sacchini is the creative lady behind Winds Little Bags – a collection of handmade bags using upcycled windsurfing sails and canvases. If you would like to contact Federica, click here.

Winds Little Bags on Facebook


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