We met this Guatemalan Pixie out on the Bukit back in September when we were hanging out with the Latin chicas. Unfortunately, we didn`t get to surf with her as she had injured her knee pretty badly while surfing. She fired these shots through to us recently along with an update on her adventures, having just scored herself a job  – as their first female guide BTW – with Nomad Surfers in Keramas, Bali. Normally we would be pretty jelly about the fact she`s living, working and surfing in Bali for the next 6 months but we`ll soon be joining her on the Island of the Gods (more on that another time) so shouting out an invite to all fellow salt gypsies to get in touch with us if you`re adventuring in Indo next year. We`re always up for coffee – surf – coffee – surf – beer.

In the meantime, a bit of inspiration for some tropical beauties….

ale zaid 1 ale zaid 5

ale1 ale2 ale3


  1. would love the above pics in bigger sizes 🙂 thanks always for sharing.

  2. Hayley Shaw-McGuinness

    I have had the pleasure of hanging out and surfing with ALI lots in Manly in the last Month and she is a lil ball of happiness and surfing stoke! Love her zest and excitement for life…So sad she is leaving AUS and heading to BALI …We will miss her!
    xo Hayley

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