And not in a creepy way…we just happened to meet a few chicas from Central and South America in Bali a couple of months ago and fell in love with their spirit, generosity and surf stoke – a welcome relief of oestrogen for me having just spent a season working with guys on a surfari boat! These girls charge and I was lucky enough to surf with them a couple of times and hear stories of their Indo surf adventures this year.

I`m going to let their photos do the talking but suffice to say, if you see any of these chicas in the surf, eat their spray….

Volt surf bikinis feature throughout

Some of the surf chicas featured:

Natalia Castaneda

Constanza Piaza

Natasha Veit

Isabela Plaza

Simone Zea

A special thankyou to Natalia for sharing these images with us, to Simone Zea of Volt Surfwear and the lovely La Mada – muchos gracias lindas and see you in an Indo lineup next year! And I promise I`ll know some Spanish by then…


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  2. Hope to get over my fear of the ocean/surfing one day. Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun.

    • Thanks Leslie, we hope you do too! Slowly build your confidence in the water and you`ll never look back, surfing is so much fun, exhausting, exhilarating and we highly recommend giving it a go – you won`t regret it!

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