I have a life coach and her name is Tiffany Manchester. She lives in Hawaii. I`ve been living on a boat. We skype. She`s helping me find clarity through my thoughts. And it works. She. is. awesome. And here is her story:

Can you tell us how a Canadian pro-whitewater kayaker ended up living on the tropical islands of Hawaii…Awesome question, think I`m still figuring this one out myself! Well, you might have heard people who ended up in Hawaii mention how they feel ‘pulled’ to the islands. Sounds hippy dippy, I know, but Hawaiian energy and the force of Pele (Goddess of volcanoes) is rather strong. So now I think about it, I started dreaming of Hawaii and surfing ever since I was little and saw the movie, The North Shore, lol! Over the years I met this dream in my mind more and more frequently. Then, in 2005, the life I had created as a kayaker seemed to be unravelling at the seams…probably because my heart was no longer in it. All of a sudden my life had begun a new chapter but I didn`t know how to begin. With so much change upon me (as well as the peak of winter in Ottawa) I gave heed to the ‘pull’ (which at this point was irresistible), and with nothing to hold me back I jumped on a plane to hang out on the Big Island for 3 months. I fell in love, and over two years I slowly transitioned from Canadian pro-kayaker to human resources manager at a retreat centre in Hawaii.

You mentioned how you manifested your dream home overlooking a surf break. Can you describe the process or practice of visualisation/manifestation..Oh man, goal setting is a very powerful too…especially in times of transition. Before I went to Hawaii I was working at this awesome store, Lululemon (which is a great company to work for, btw), and they worked with me on my goals using the S.M.A.R.T technique:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

Seems scary, but you can change your mind and change your goals anytime you gain more clarity about yourself. I did 3 month – 10 year goals and didn`t hold back. I imagined whatever I wanted without worrying about ‘how’ it would happen. And I`m tellin’ ya, I looked at my goals as I was writing them and laughed at the insanity of it! But without realising it until years later, I ended up at this retreat centre in Hawaii that had everything I wanted to achieve within those first few years. Living in a house overlooking the surf with my partner was in the 10 year plan. So maintaining that long-term goal through daydreaming (I`m a huge supporter of spending time in lalaland) and following steps based on personal development has helped me get there. I mean, I had to meet the man before the house, so that was a journey in itself 😉

If I were to break it down into a basic formula, I think I`d call it a ‘feel good’ strategy!

Describe your business as a personal life coach..I`ve always been somewhat of a counselor to youngsters, but when I started a business as coach/mentor/chaperone to junior worldclass kayakers at world events, I knew I was headed in the right direction. Then I found life coaching after getting a coach, believe it or not, and that was when I knew I hit the mark. Working with people one on one who want to move forward with their lives, and who are willing to take responsibility for making it happen. I get to work with some really cool people, especially professionals in the spotlight. Plus, it`s mostly done via skype so I can be anywhere in the world…which is a priority for my surfing obsession!

Have you had any challenges in setting up your own business and if so, how have you overcome these? Oh my gosh, definitely, and it usually happens when my stubbornness and impatience gets me way ahead of myself, ha! Like, ‘I can`t design my own website’ or ‘I can`t afford to do this course that will really help my business get underway’…you know, all those ‘I can`ts.’ How do I overcome them? I come back to the present and focus on achievable baby steps. First, I made the decision to design my site and do the course. Then, what can I do next to move forward? So I combine step-by-step action with faith and love – I suppose that`s my recipe for success!

What can expect from a session with your lovely self?

1/ We`re likely to talk over the phone/skype (since you could be anywhere in the world?)

2/ It will be a fun, trusting space that allows you to feel good hanging out and talking openly about your life with me

3/ My role is to get to know you on a pure, curiosity-based level by listening and asking questions so you can realise your own answers

4/ Expect to be blown away as you get to know your self, realise your inner strength and empower yourself to create the life you want to lead…it`s the coolest experience ever!

Any words of advice to other women embarking on personal journeys or adventures in business and in life?

Make a commitment to yourself to NEVER GIVE UP. No matter what obstacles you think you are experiencing, stay focused and trust the process. From time to time you may have doubt or fear arise, so ask yourself: “is this (goal) still what I want?.” If the answer is yes, start tapping back into your winning self, and when the fear shrinks to a point where it is no longer controlling you…get back to work!

Your favourite surf spot/destination: Well, the surfing adventures are just beginning for me, but my bf and I just got back from Nicaragua and loved the variety of beach breaks! We can`t wait to get back there and begin dream house #2! And I also love where I learned to surf…a reefy, shallow destination spot called Pohoiki, on the Red Road in the Puna district of the Big I.

After living on a boat for two seasons, I am fairly obsessed with good coffee, so..if we came to visit you on our Salt Gypsy World Tour (I`m practicing lalaland already!), where would you take us for a lip-smacking brew? And cocktails on the beach?? The Surfbreak Cafe, at Bayfront in Hilo has great brekky, great coffee and a nice vibe. Cocktails, ha, this would be a cooler of well, whatever you like, with a small hike down to the unforgettable Kehena Beach on a Sunday to drink, enjoy the drum circle, play with the hippies, and swim with dolphins! (this is not a joke!)

*Tiffany Manchester is a personal life coach living her dreams in Hawaii. Check out her packages and contact her here. 


  1. I`m loving my coaching sessions with Tiffany and am always left feeling positive and AWESOME! If you`ve ever wondered what life coaching can do for you, get in touch with this very cool wahine.

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