A lovely lady named Marie, recently contacted us about a new initiative creating a buzz over in France.
The buzz is: Paparasurf – a crew of amateur surfers/photographers/creatives shooting images of their fellow everyday surfers at their local breaks. So if you are in or around Hossegor, Seignosse or Capbreton, look out for 2 chicks and 2 dudes with cameras…
Unknown French surfer by Paparasurf 

Who are the people behind Paparasurf? Paparasurf is an association of 4 persons, 2 boys and 2 girls (so far…) based in Seignosse, France. Each of us have a job (web designer, craftsman…) very different from the surf industry but we all share the same lifestyle : surf!
What is the motivation for the site? The project was born in 2011, when we travelled to Costa Rica. On the beach photographers shoot every surfer, whatever their level, from the “first day beginner,” to the confirmed surfer. We thought photographs were only for pros! So the idea raised that we really wanted to watch us surfing, as well as our friends in France who never got a photograph of them in action, even if they had been surfing for years. There are lots of surf photographers in France, but they mainly shoot pros and are pro-photographers as well. Our difference? We are amateurs and shoot amateurs! We wanted to please our friends at first and other free surfers with the photos. And let`s say that`s a success! In 3 months, a large majority of people surfing in the area knows us already and are really eager to be shot! That`s a real pleasure to see the surfers excited by the fact of being shot and the community raises everyday. Since the phenomenon grows, we hope to be shooting in the Basque country (Biarritz, Anglet) next summer. We want to thank every surfer here, the level is quite good and they are very photogenic, this makes very nice pics! 🙂
Unknown French surfer by Paparasurf
What is the female surf community like where you live? Are there many girls/women surfing? Girls are surfing more and more here! And that`s great! We are still a minority but you can see the community growing. When there are a few girls at the peak (which is not that frequent) it feels very good. We are allies and cheer on each other, that`s very motivating. We also check on each other when the ocean is strong, and this protective attitude is quite reassuring!
French surfer, Maud le Car
Are you only in France or do you also travel to other destinations? We mainly stay in France but travel from each year to a surf destination: Costa Rica, California, Panama, Portugal….
What is the surf like in your part of the world? Can we come and visit?? The surf here (Hossegor, where Kelly Slater just won the Quiksilver Pro France!) is beach break and a non-sharky water (so far…). The conditions are very changing depending on the tides, wind, swell orientation and on the sand banks position, which can evolve from time to time. The spots are crowded from July to August, and September – October is the best season for surfing here, so we are happy with surfing these days!! The water is getting colder now  (19°C vs 24°C in summer) and the 3’2″ wetsuit compulsory….Come and visit us any time Danny, we love to have people around! You’ll love it here (I hope!), and get some photos of you surfing !!
*All images sourced from the Paparasurf website, Marie`s blog JosyRunning, and provided by Marie herself.
Merci beaucoup Marie!

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