Jessica Snyder is a Californian creative who has just launched a line of luxury surf-inspired tees, Mint. She spared a moment between surfing, designing and styling celebrities to shed some light on her collection and inspirations….

Hey Jess, thanks for squeezing in some time to share your story with us – we know you`ve been head-deep in photoshoots and sample-making lately…Can you give us a heads up on your new t-shirt line, Mint….Of course! Mint is a line of custom made t-shirts featuring different graphics, art and photos. Loose, flowy cuts and super soft fabric make them perfect everyday tees. I basically decided I needed more comfy tee shirts and the best way to make exactly what I wanted was to do it myself! I couldn’t be happier with the result.

You grew up in SoCal, how much has a coastal upbringing fed inspiration to your business? It’s really inspired everything! I am so proud of where I’m from and sharing that lifestyle, history, vibe.. its exactly what Mint is all about.

Photograph of Jessica taken by Dane Peterson (yip, that famous guy)

You were sponsored for awhile as a young grommy, how was that experience for you? Surfing has given me so many opportunities to travel and meet new people. I started doing independent study, or home-school I guess you could say, when I was 14 so I had more freedom to travel and surf. It was definitely a different lifestyle then some of my friends. I never went to football games or proms… but I got to travel at a young age and surf every day! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Do you still compete? I don’t. I was never a very good competitor. I’d get so nervous before every heat! I’d be out there and a set would come through and a girl would say, “I’m going!,” and I’d smile nicely and say, “okay.” Not the most aggressive approach. I do enjoy watching my friends though!

You`ve also been working as a celebrity stylist – rad! Can you name-drop some of your clients?? I reckon this would be a really fun job but any diva moments? Our main client was Victoria Justice (star of TV show, “Victorious,” and feature film, “Fun Size,” out late October). She is a sweetheart. It is a fun job but it can be a lot more stressful than people would think! Also, it’s really hard to shop constantly and not get to keep anything! Haha. Diva moments? Hm…none from Vic but…better keep my lips sealed on this one!

What gets you leaping out of bed each morning?  My company! I am the biggest work-a-holic! I make my to-do list for the next day every night before I got to bed. I know.. I’m a freak.

Favourite surf spot/destination..I’m very loyal to my home break! First Point, Malibu, it will always be my favorite. The wave is like a machine. Unfortunately it’s not a very well kept secret haha. To get away… I would love to go back to Noosa, Australia, and take my Dad, he’s never been. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Top ten essential surf travel items…

I’m assuming this is to a warm location…

1. Log (I’m from Malibu! Gotta bring a log)

2. Fins (A big single fin preferably)

3. Screwdriver (I always forget this one!!) *Author interjection – strange, but practical and probably best packed into checked in luggage.

4. Favourite bikini (Shout out to Seea, fantastic to surf in!) *Author interjection – Seea really do make sick surfsuits

4. Warm water wax

5. Baseball Cap (To wear in the water, gotta protect yourself from that sun!)

6. Shiseido (The best sunscreen ever. Ever.)

7. Sunnies (I don’t leave the house without my Aviators)

8. Camera (A MUST)

9. A good book to read in between surfs (Confession: I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Had to see what the fuss was about!!)

10. A Mint tee (OF COURSE! :))

Ahh! Now you’ve got me day dreaming of my next vacation! It’s funny you ask this because I actually just found my packing list from my first trip to Australia when I was 14, I included Sour Blow Pops, not sure if you have those over there..? But they are are like lollipops. Must have been essential at that time in my life!

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