PLEASE NOTE: This is an independent review from a Salt Gypsy reader and does not reflect the opinion or experience of the Salt Gypsy team in any way.

Hive Swimwear Review by Jamie Van Egmond

(photographs provided by Jamie)

I have spent ages looking for surf bikini`s that don`t give you a straight-up-the-butt wedgie, fall off as soon as you pop up, or give everyone a show as they fail to cover up the “girls.” I then came across an ad for Hive – Swimwear that sticks. I ordered a pair online to give them a go and since then I have never looked back.

Hive is a Queensland-based company that makes quality bikinis with the surfer in mind. They have a whole variety of styles of tops and bottoms that you can mix and match. The ones I personally love are the Bee a Star design bikini top and bottoms. I have tried a couple of other styles but I find these ones fit well and are the best to surf in.

The top has a cross-over back design and it not only gives a good fit, it also doesn`t give you the pain in the next that you get with halter top bikinis. The bikini top`s triangles are fixed in place and have a nice thick band around the bottom which prevents the girls from escaping, even after some decent wipe-outs.

The Bee a Star bottoms are a boy cut style that have drawstrings on each side. This way you can raise the boycut legs for a more flattering fit and it helps them stick in place. The bottoms stay on through duckdives, wipeouts, you name it. Also, no wedgie-picking necessary!

The Hive design range is funky and loud..which I love, however they also have more subtle designs. I have bought multiple bikinis from Hive since I am always loving the new prints they create. I am always surprised at how long they last. They don`t show wear like other bikinis I`ve had and they can take the daily salt and sun hammerings with ease.

These bikinis are comfortable, durable and are great to surf in. I definitely recommend them if you`re looking for new surf bikinis this summer.

Happy surfing,

Jamie Van Egmond.

Jamie lives in Western Australia and is an avid surfer, sailor and environmentalist. She loves longboarding pointbreaks and is pursuing dreams of sailing away on a 36ft sailboat with her boyfriend. 


  1. Thanks Jamie I’m new to surfing in Australia and in a bikini and not a wetsuit so I’ve been looking for a bikini which sticks. It’s so good to find your experience of wearing this local label, will definitely give them a try now, thanks for the tip.

  2. Donna Schumacher

    I have been wearing Hive for quite a few years now and they really do the job with style. I like that they have a D and DD cup choice included in some styles. Hive have also been a great supporter of our surfing club Norah Head Women in the Waves and our members choose Hive over other brands.

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