Earlier this year while taking a break in Bali, we had the pleasure of meeting Jenny Mikota: proprietress of Girls Onboard Surf Retreats in Balian, Bali. We didn`t get a chance to head up north and check out her pimping-sounding pad (that she built from scratch I might add), too busy were we scootering around getting our surf legging custom orders made. However, talking to Jenny about her business, surf travels, and life in Bali – she`s been living there for over 8 years now, is enough to make you book a ticket and haul ass for some serious adventuring around Indo. Keen to book? So are we. Click here to lock in your spot for either a retreat or surfari in 2013. In her own words….

I had it in my mind that I wanted a slice of heaven somewhere. When I came to Balian, Bali, I knew right away it was it. With most people questioning my moves, I didn`t look back once. I followed my heart and made it happen. Nothing comes easy and even paradise has a price…life is life and you carry it wherever you go. Paradise is inside you and then you create it around you. I`ve learned to persevere, to make things happen, small sacrifices for major outcomes.

It wasn`t an easy process being a single female building a house and starting shop in Indonesia, especially 8 years ago. But I had the vision…I`ve always wanted to create a home close to a surf beach and that`s just what I got. I love my life and feel very blessed every day. In a nutshell: if you truly want something it will be yours!

I started doing surf retreats at my house. I really enjoy surfing, eating well, and doing yoga with other women. Catering from beginner surfers to advanced, we always have a lot of fun! Being with good energy women inspires me and I hope my story inspires them as well. I also do Surf Surfaris all over Indonesia that mostly cater to women who can already surf and want to explore all the amazing islands and surf breaks Indonesia has to offer. I can`t say which one is my favourite as each spot has some magic to offer.

Jenny in action (above)

A risk taker is your destiny maker!

Top 10 essential surf travel items:



wax comb



6’2″ surfboard





love, love, love….oops I went over..

Jenny Mikota is the founder of Girlsonboard Surf Retreats. She runs retreats, surfaris around Indo and if you just want a pad to stay at, she also offers nightly rates at her very cool house in Balian, Bali. To book your spot for next season, contact Jenny here. All photographs provided by Jenny.

Thanks for chatting with us darlin- we`ll be sure to come visit next year!!

Jenny (front right with pink wax) and crew. Cheeeehooooo


  1. Oh sounds so amazing! Fi Duncan was telling me about the wonderful Jenny from Balian and all that she has created. I’m heading to Bali in December so hopefully I’ll get to go and visit 😉

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