Ruby Meade was a wee grom at Mud Bay (Maori Bay, Muriwai in Auckland, NZ) when I was surfing there years ago but look at her now: a stylish charger, uni student, and dreamer of salt gypsy inclinations. In her own words….

Off to Samoa in 2 weeks for a surfing holiday and little adventure then moving back to Auckland to work at Muriwai Surf School over the summer, moving to Raglan next year to continue my studies at Waikato University with a conjoint degree: Bachelor of Secondary Teaching and Bachelor of Sport and Leisure, double majoring in English! Not the biggest fan of comps, did a bit of them a while ago but would prefer to go searching for waves with some mates, but in saying that could be keen to get back into them next year if I have the time. This year has just been difficult trying to suss (that`s Kiwi-speak for sorting out/get used to something) my studies and juggle them with surfing. Plans for future…to travel the world surfing with a bunch of good people and to make friends and good times along the way. To finish my studies and hopefully become a qualified English, PE teacher and eventually travel with that too. I love NZ but wouldn`t mind relocating for a few years teaching at an international school or Australia.

Look out world here comes Ruby!


*Photographs of Ruby taken by Kiwi photographer, Grace Walden. I agree, pretty sick images so we`re going to find out a little more about this chica. In the meantime you can check out her imagery here.

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