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It`s 5am on a Monday morning and I can`t sleep. My mind is running over all the things I need to do or should have done last week. I`ve a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a fruit mince pie in the other (Christmas comes early), and I felt it was time to pause, reflect, and catch you up on what`s been going on.

For those of you just joining us and wondering what exactly it is we do at Salt Gypsy, let me explain…

Originally I`m from New Zealand, but last summer I was living in Byron Bay, unemployed and with a broken foot. Not such happy days but having plenty of available time, and knowing I had signed up for my third season working as a surf guide in the Maldives, I began planning the gear I would need for 7 months of living on a boat in the tropics. This blog was created as a way to showcase the independent surfwear brands I kept coming across and to share stories of the very cool, very inspiring female surfers I keep connecting with.

In March, the Boyf and I packed our boardbags, paid a ridiculous amount of excess baggage, and boarded our flight to Male, capital of the Maldives. It was a great season onboard the boat full of consistently good waves, great guests, a few storms, and plenty of beer. I was especially stoked on the trips we had where a few women came onboard so thankyou for the company Alyson, Nikki, Camilla, Claire, Anna and Jade – you can`t imagine how good it was having you ladies around this year!! Keep charging chicas. Every now and then I was also able to surf with my very good friends, Amy Kotch and Caity Griffin, fellow surf guides on the resort island of Hudhuran Fushi in the North Male area. If you ever see these girls in the lineup, don`t be shy to say hi and be inspired by their surfing – these chicks rip.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago where I packed my boardbag again and departed the Maldives for a couple of weeks in Bali enroute back to Australia. You see, having spent so much time in the tropical sun over the last few years, I have become pretty sick of the sun damage! I wanted some leggings to protect my pins while surfing but could only find ones that would either make me look like an Olympian, a nana or were just too expensive for surf guide wages. I had some made, showed them to some other girls, they placed orders and voila, Salt Gypsy Super Rad Surf Leggings were created. We are taking custom pre-orders now if you`re keen, check them out there. 

And now I am back in Australia, this time on the Gold Coast where I`ll be based for summer. After all my research of female surfwear over the past few years and how it`s evolving with more stylish product available, I decided it`s time for a dedicated surf boutique for discerning waterwomen. So that`s exactly what I`m launching and have been working on since I arrived back a couple of weeks ago. But I`m not going to be alone. Through my friend and charger, Kelly Clarkson, I have met a very cool, experienced and genki (that`s Japanese for happy and full of energy), woman called Krissy. We`ll be introducing her properly really soon but suffice to say, we are very excited to be putting our heads together on this new project and bringing you the opportunity to showcase your own individual style in the lineup.

I better finish up, we`re off to Byron this morning for a slew of meetings with more rad and creative people. Thankyou to everyone who has enjoyed flicking through our blog and facebook page. We are passionate about surfing, creative female surfwear makers, and connecting with like-minded peeps. Feel free to get in touch and thanks again for all your support!

Keep charging!

Danny xx


  1. so cool – well done – your very inspiring especially living remotely its so cool to tap in and get good vibes

  2. Saltgypsy –
    Awesome! We’ve spoken before about the surf bikini’s I’m launching (Mi Ola).
    So much luck and good vibes to you!


  3. I’ve been loving your blog… you’re one of the few blogs I check weekly (sometimes daily if I have time). You never cease to share a great story, a great photo, or a great idea. I love surfing and fashion… and I’m always figuring out how to combine them both. I’m really inspired by what you share, thank you! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

  4. Thanks guys, your words are really appreciated! Virtually meeting you Fi has been one of the highlights for me so far! Keep charging chica and can`t wait to go for a surf with ya one day!

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